How do you obscure the truth? Flood the minds of the people with information. The internet age has brought advancement unparalleled into the modern world. And yet, poverty marches forward enslaving the powerless. The powerless are the pariah of the Power Elite. The Power Elite being the class with access to untold wealth; which characteristically inhibits the growth of the common man. This is accomplished by engineered war, famine, disease, social malaise, “science” falsely so called, weaponized “truth” dispensed through social media, pop-culture, and “news”, all with the intent to confuse and disorient the progress of the common man. This is the apex of willfully sinful fallen man, hellbent on retaining the deplorable existing social hierarchy, with the common man securely pressed under foot.

The history of the so-called CNN “news” corporation is characteristic of the above description of powerful men using their wealth to lead the common man to conclusions that inhibit free thought and shudder progress of the viewers as predetermined paradigms are crafted for the ill informed. CNN is the progeny of Ted Turner, whose anti-American foulspeak and ill will to his fellow man are characteristic of the diseased mind consumed by sin.

Sin (CNN) has been described as missing the mark (of perfection). It has long been noted that news, in times of lawlessness, is used to shape the opinion of the mark (you), rather than inform you. The mark then misses the reality he is immersed in, never coming to the conclusion that what he thinks he knows has completely missed the mark. As we examine the mark of CNN (sin), see for yourself if lawlessness (sin) is the mark of so called “headline news”.

America has been uglified. Uglification is accomplished by the willful ignorance of the populace. “We’ve been indoctrinated into believing vulgar is cool.”  (Why Modern Architecture SUCKS)

If you don’t see the mark, the imprint of the Power Elite’s religious beliefs, then you aren’t looking. Their occult imprint is everywhere, discernible, branded to be in your face. Seeing the populace sees not.

The message is ubiquitous and overlaps the manufactured world, the art world, the so called “science” world, and the pop-culture world. The sooner we expose it and demand alternatives that are not marked with their ode to fallen gods, the sooner we will see true liberty rise.


Jdg 8:17  Then he tore down the tower of Penuel and killed the men of the city.

2Ki 10:27  Then they broke down the sacred pillar of Baal, and tore down the temple of Baal and made it a refuse dump to this day.

2Ki 23:7  Then he tore down the ritual booths of the perverted persons that were in the house of the LORD, where the women wove hangings for the wooden image.

2Ki 11:18  And all the people of the land went to the temple of Baal, and tore it down. They thoroughly broke in pieces its altars and images, and killed Mattan the priest of Baal before the altars. And the priest appointed officers over the house of the LORD.

2Ch 23:17  And all the people went to the temple of Baal, and tore it down. They broke in pieces its altars and images, and killed Mattan the priest of Baal before the altars.

2Ki 21:3  For he built up again the high places which Hezekiah his father had destroyed; and he reared up altars for Baal, and made a grove, as did Ahab king of Israel; and worshipped all the host of heaven, and served them.

Will we the people of the free world counter the enslaved freedumb of those who willfully demand the best buy’s, the free goodies of the amazonian grid built on the greenbacks of those in the land ‘o the walmartians? Will we demand quality be restored to the products we buy or succumb to the disposable products of the walking dead? Will we be the light in the darkness, the givers of our best in the worst of times? Will we demand truth in a sea of sewage spewed by liars who love deception?


CNN or SIN, is celebrated as lawlessness is spread, and it should come as no surprise then that CNN logo is the very representation of vulgar.

Look and tell me what you see.

img 9112

Sometimes reorienting your perspective gives a new insight.

img 9116

This failed (phalled) imagery is no coincidence. It is thought about, meditated on, worshipped. It is religious. It is ubiquitous. From the Amazon “arrow” (ero) to the Washington monument. These are the marks of the Power Elite.

img 9117

img 9118

Think about the forethought that went into crafting the sacred geometry of the syllogism at the base of the “monument”. If you have not taken the time to look into the history Baal’s Shaft & Cleopatra’s Needle, it’s probable that you are missing the point.

Considering we are called to expose the evil works of darkness. And the manufactured world is under the control of our Adversary. We would be wise to know the schemes of those who give allegiance to him. Whether we are dealing with the Illuminati, the Freemasons, or some as of yet unknown secret society, we would do well to know the enemy.

Penultimate to that discovery, of who the Power Elite worship, of who it is that engineers society from the ground up, and below, is always rooted in Scripture.

It would seem that the reemergence of the destroyed Palmyra arch, is the charade of Power Elite, whose weapon of destruction, ISIS, and subsequent order built from the rubble of the temple to Baal, are bridging the past to the future that is now unfolding.

Our Adversary’s attempt to be like the Most High are manifest in the manufactured world. Pyramids and peacocks are the weaponized language that backwardizes the truths of Scripture. Remember, our Adversary is a beast, set on turning humans into beasts, and transforming beasts in the image of the god of this world. The humanization of zoo-life in cinematography is the programming of the populace for the role of the beasts programmed with humanness, set to roll out in tandem with the Singularity’s GRIN’d future, where manness will be deemed sinful under the risen Beast, him who will demand the worship of all man, at cost of loss of life and soul.


What is the prevalence of pyramids (monuments) and phoenix’s (peacocks) in the paradigm and parlance of the Power Elite? Recently it was posed whether or not certain ancient temples, residing on separate continents, thousands of miles apart, had the same architect. Regardless of the conclusion, what we are dealing with is architecture, architects, The Architect in our case, and those who mimic The Architect.

Megalithic Origins: Göbekli Tepe and Ancient Peru – The Same Architects? | Ancient Origins

God is The Architect and our adversary poses as God to the Power Elite, shrouded in the trappings of The Architect, backwardized. Deception is his weapon, and deception is venerated by his followers.

Rev 21:2 And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

Rev 21:27 And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life.

Exo 20:25 ‘And if an altar of stones thou dost make to Me, thou dost not build them of hewn work; when thy tool thou hast waved over it, then thou dost pollute it;

Dan 2:34 Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces.

Dan 2:44 And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

Dan 2:45 Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure.

Mat 21:42 Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes?

Psa 118:22 The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.

Psa 118:23 This is the LORD’S doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.

There is a debate regarding whether or not the New Jerusalem will be cube or pyramid, per the architectural blueprints recorded in the book of Revelation. Likewise, there is a debate regarding on what foundation Christ would build his Church. Considering, Scripture is replete with reference to God as the stone foundation and capstone, for He is the “author and finisher of our faith” and “in him we live and breathe and move”, the foundation is sure. It is even more telling that the word for carpenter in the gospels is the Greek word “tekton”, loaded with meaning implying stone masonry, and the mind of the architect. And so, our Adversary floods human history with architecture modeled in form to offend The Architect – GOD.

Forthtell analyses the patterns that are overlooked, as found in pop-culture, art, “science”, and architecture. It is my observation that symbolism conveys the yin-yang, male-female union (as the Washington Monument does). The Palmyra arch is no exception. The male-female symbolism is designed into the function of the arch/door/portal. Often times this symbolism is layered into the multi-dimensional character of the art, referencing the male or female from more than one perspective.

Palmyra Arch Destroyed by ISIS Rises Again in Central London | Smart News | Smithsonian

2,000-year-old Syrian arch destroyed by Daesh recreated in Trafalgar Square | Toronto Star

Modern temples of man house the craft of artisans whose handiwork evokes the aristocracy’s blue-blood funded metaphysical weaving of the paradigm they embrace and hope for, curated as modern art for the masses.

A Bold New Landing for Modern Art at the National Gallery

By HOLLAND COTTERSeptember 29, 2016

Art Review

Scott Burton’s “Rock Settee” (1988) and Katharina Fritsch’s “Hahn/Cock” (2013), on the roof terrace at the National Gallery of Art. A show at the museum that traces the arc of Virginia Dwan’s career coincides with the reopening of its East Building and the reinstallation of its modern art holdings.


Giant blue chicken leads new Minneapolis Sculpture Garden pieces (Photos) – Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

The symbolism of birds (flight) with reference to God and his creation is throughout Scripture. Likewise the symbolism of the death and rebirth of the Savior, regurgitated in the form of the Phoenix mythology. MSNBC symbolizes the peacock as the Phoenix, the dollar bill symbolizes the eagle as the Phoenix (in tandem with the pyramid).

img 9190

img 9189


Mat 23:37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

Heb 12:29 For our God is a consuming fire.

Rev 18:2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

As the zero hour approaches. Take note of the use of symbolism in logos, branding, pop-culture, “science”, manufacturing, all engineered into the form and function of the everyday objects we see and use. Ask yourself what practical steps you can take to expose the craft woven into the fabric of everyday life.

1Jo 5:19 And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.

The whole world lies under the control, sway, power of the evil one (our Adversary) as other versions convey the verse. This control is maintained by the use of elemental witchcraft.

Gal 4:3. So also, when we were underage, we were in slavery under the elemental spiritual forces of the world.

Col 2:8. See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.

Col 2:20 Since you died with Christ to the elemental spiritual forces of this world, why, as though you still belonged to the world, do you submit to its rules[.]

As instructed by The Architect himself, let us beware the craft of our adversaries.

Mat 10:16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.


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Baal’s Shaft & Cleopatra’s Needle

Palmyra’s ancient Triumphal Arch resurrected in London’s Trafalgar Square

“Dr. Maamoun Abdulkarim, was in London to watch the arch being installed. He told CNN that “Palmyra is not for the Syrian people, it’s for all the people in the world.”

CNN Hires ISIS For Syrian Documentary » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

It turns out the ‘CNN is ISIS’ meme was dead-on

David Knight | – July 13, 2017

CNN used an English propagandist for Al Qaeda (also known as ISIS) to give them access to Al Qaeda-held areas in Syria.

Not surprisingly the documentary pushed for regime change in Syria and blamed Russia and Syria, not ISIS or Al Qaeda, for Aleppo.

Also not surprisingly, it was celebrated and given awards while CNN hid their ISIS connection.

7,000 birds seized in largest cockfighting bust in U.S. history, L.A. County authorities say – LA Times

img 9193


Hahn Family Wines

The Ubiquitous “V”

Giant Blue You | Spontaneous Gigantism | “A giant blue temple of far-out tech” | Manifestation of the Spiritual War | forthtell

Blue You. Who Knew? | Indigo Genetics | Manifestation of the Spiritual War | forthtell

ZERO Hour Approaches | Generation Z | Lost City of Z | WWZ | The Bazaar Of Bizarre Manifestations Of The Spiritual War | forthtell</

CNN Insider Truth Bombs During Disastrous Reddit “Ask Me Anything” Interview Further Destroys Media Credibility

It turns out the ‘CNN is ISIS’ meme was dead-on CNN Hires ISIS For Syrian Documentary » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

CNN is SIN as …

“The Syllable M*R  |   It is remarkable that there is a syllable with the consonant value “M*R” which is found everywhere in connection with the planet Mars, the god of Mars, and its associated emblem, the dragon. The source of all these words is to be found in the Semitic roof “marah” (M*R) which in Hebrew means bitterness as well as disobedience. From this roof is derived “marad” (M*R*D), or rebellion, which is the original both of Nimrod (the Babylonian Nin-Mir-Rud), or (N*M*R*D), as well as Marduk/Merodach (M*R*D*K). The Bible tells us that Nimrod was the founder of Ninevah, and Nineveh’s own half-legendary history ascribes that honor to one Ninur or Nimur (N*M*R). Nimrod, Mars and The Marduk Connection


It has been observed that Jesus was so mutilated from the pre-crucifixion beatings, that he was unrecognizable.

Isa 52:14 As many were astonied at thee; his visage was so marred more than any man, and his form more than the sons of men[.]

I came across this painting years ago (I think in Spain; wish I knew the artist). Very powerful study of the depths to which our Savior plodded to reap so great a salvation for mankind.

The Jesus You Always Saw, Never Knew, Set To Become Your Own Personal Nightmare?


Which Jesus do you know? The pop culture Jesus? The digital teknosapien Jesus of the coming Singularity (discussed below)? The islamic Jesus (Antichrist?)? Or the Jesus of the Bible? We should know Jesus by daily walking with him, with his Word as our guide. We have been conditioned to see Jesus in portrait paintings, which are at odds with scripture’s description of Jesus. At his appearance, will you recognize him by sight or what you hear him say, his Word? Maranatha.

Mat 7:21 [Jesus says:] Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

Mat 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

Mat 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.


Eerily Accurate Facial Reconstructions Are Allowing the Dead to Speak

Image: FaceLab/Liverpool John Moores University/Lusacrosscity

Researchers at Liverpool John Moore’s University have reconstructed the face of a man who lived in Dublin some 500 years ago. Incredibly accurate reconstructions like this are providing archaeologists with new way of studying the past—while also allowing them to visualize some of the most forgotten figures in history.


Joh 10:27 [Jesus says:] My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

Joh 10:28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall anyman pluck them out of my hand.

Joh 10:29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand.

Joh 10:30 I and my Father are one.

Forthtell REPOST: The Jesus You Always Saw, Never Knew, Set To Become Your Own Personal Nightmare?

Updated 6/13/2015:

Beast Rising: The Jesus You Always Saw, Never Knew, Set To Become Your Own Personal Nightmare? | forthtell

HISTORY Eyes TV Drama Series About Jesus’ ‘Lost Years’ — And Exorcism? » Blog Archive History Eyes Jesus TV Drama Series —

With Eli Roth And Exorcism?

Is the Disk Image of the Beast a GRIN Tech Quantum Hologram?

Revelation 13:15 (KJV) 15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

“Disk images, in computing, are computer files containing the contents and structure of a disk volume or an entire data storage device, such as a hard drive, tape drive,floppy disk, optical disc or USB flash drive. A disk image is usually created by creating asector-by-sector copy of the source medium, thereby perfectly replicating the structure and contents of a storage device. Depending on the disk image format, a disk image may span one or more computer files.

Disk image – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Joel Garreau, in Radical Evolution, lays out three possibilities, all stemming from Ray Kurzweil’s “Law of Accelerating Returns.” Garreau focuses on the so-called GRIN technologies: Genetics, Robotics, Information, and Nano-Technology. He sees a world where the understanding of our biological programming (genetics), allows us to build tiny robots (nano-technology, robotics) as an artificial immune system that can be updated wirelessly no matter where you are (information). In other words, he feels all four of these technologies will converge to change the rules of the human condition—for better or for worse.

He postulates that humanity will either a) fulfill the utopian dream of Kurzweil and the other optimistic futurists—what he has entitled the “Heaven Scenario,” b) succumb to the greatest corruption and ill-will that humanity has ever experienced—the “Hell Scenario,” or c) reign technology in as tools of our will, deciding for themselves what their destiny is—something that he termed the “Prevail Scenario.” I’ll examine this seemingly even-handed analysis of the future implications of the curve of the “Singularity” from the perspective of Jacques Ellul.”

Objectifying Humans

The Luciferian GRIN set to teleprompt mankind into The Future, the obsolescence of mankind.

Why the future doesn’t need humans …

Wired 8.04: Why the future doesn’t need us.

An Easter Surprise: A Quantum Hologram of Christ’s Resurrection? – Chuck Missler – Koinonia House

Dame Isabel Piczek—a Hungarian trained particle physicist and internationally renowned monumental artist—has apparently uncovered hard, scientific evidence that Jesus Christ did, in fact, rise from the dead.

The object of her study is a simple piece of ancient fabric known as the Shroud of Turin.

The Most Studied Artifact in History

The Shroud of Turin is arguably the single most studied artifact in human history. It is a piece of ancient linen measuring 14 feet 3 inches long by 3 feet 7 inches wide. The bloodstained surface of the Shroud is marked with a negative image of the undistorted front and back sides of a naked man who appears to have been severely beaten and crucified—an ancient Roman form of torture and execution.


“If confirmed, this discovery is expected to yield a totally new perspective on the very “singularity” [distinct from Technological Singularity] attributed to the Creation of the universe in the first place. Piczek’s discovery—and those of other scientists and re-searchers who have studied the Shroud—is presented in The Fabric of Time, a television documentary and DVD from Grizzly Adams® Productions.

Future-Past, the future that never was, that you never knew, history shaped, hidden from you. For, to the victor go the spoils, and he who controls then past, controls the future.

Just as Jesus made theophanic time-travel appearances throughout history. (Read about God walking with biophotonic Adam and Eve, Melchizedek, The Angel of The Lord, and of course His New Testament Chronicles.) In like fashion, our Adversary has possessed spacetime inhabiting mankind and their offspring.

“Consequently, if Antichrist is the reincarnation or representation of the return of nephilim, transhumanism, and related sciences, which imagine remanufacturing mankind via GRIN technology including integration of human-animal genetics, eschatology believers could imagine transhumanism as the fulfillment of Matthew 24:37—that the end times will witness a repeat of “the days of Noah.”

Comparisons between Nephilim History and Transhumanism

EARTH’S EARLIEST AGES: G. H. Pember and the Return of the Nephilim – Part Seven

The Jesus You Always Saw, Never Knew, Set To Become Your Own Personal Nightmare?

Imaging The Future:

The Shroud of Turin

Leonardo da Vinci – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence

Don’t look for GRIN nephilim to materialize as grotesque monsters, for they will look like you or I, human only in appearance, not substance.

Considering, we do not actually know what Jesus the historical person looked like, it is possible mankind has been conditioned to perceive Him as the photos above portray Him. As the deception of the End Times will be so grandiose, even the very elect would fall victim to Antichrist’s plan to con man from eons past. The Jesus You Always Saw, Never Knew, Set To Become Your Own Personal Nightmare?

Updated 6/13/2015:

Beast Rising: The Jesus You Always Saw, Never Knew, Set To Become Your Own Personal Nightmare? | forthtell


Author Note:

Etymology, word play, pattern analysis are some of the facets of study considered when deciphering the spiritual world we live in, that which is shape-shifted as a mere physical manifestation of unrelated events. Whereas when one dons the spectacles shaded with the light to see the spiritual interconnectedness of everything, that “in which we live, breathe, and move”, the conclusion then, is that language is far more designed and planned, inter-related than the Social Engineers would have us know. They live to deceive. Scripture calls them the “builders”, “the great men of the earth”, they live to build the world in which we live. They build the world we see. Cleverness is their modus. Puns, innuendo, trompe l’oeil, all tangentially morphed from the Word, the base code for all that is, was, will be. All else is a distortion. Taught to think one way, we have been immersed in a world where we think we know how it actually works. From DNA, to the cosmos, to the hollywoodized form and function of reality. Deception is king, and perceived reality rules the day.


Isa 22:13 “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!”

Luk 12:19 And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry.

Luk 12:20 But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?

The Majority of Congress Are Millionaires |

Mar 10:25 It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

Rev 6:15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

Rev 6:16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

Rev 6:17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand

What’s red and blue and mostly yellow on the inside?

D.C. Swamp Thing

Yellow bellied swamp things run amok in DC con gress, that grassy knoll of endless QE, land of the slave, home of the knave, techno-barbarians now offering limited-time, free, once-and-for-all haircuts, all hairs from the neck up covered.


Barber’s pole – Wikipedia

The red and white pole outside barbershops references a time when barbers were expected to perform bloodletting and other medical procedures to heal the sick;


The New Colossus – Wikipedia

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,

With conquering limbs astride from land to land;

Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand

A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame

Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name

MOTHER OF EXILES. From her beacon-hand

Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command

The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she

With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

The title of the poem and the first two lines refer to the Colossus of Rhodes, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, sometimes described as standing astride the harbor.


Dream on dreamers, the American Dream is dead, prosperity has left, all that’s left is Left overs. Poll-tax headed your way, your money or your head, RIP’d from posterity, sleep on in the dread fed bed of the DC swamp things’ morass of soylent green, quantitatively eased from the veins of the American body.

poll (n.)

“head,” early 14c., polle “hair of the head; piece of fur from the head of an animal,” also “head,” from Middle Low German or Middle Dutch pol “head, top.” Sense extended early 14c. to “person, individual.” Meaning “collection of votes” is first recorded 1620s, from notion of “counting heads;” meaning “survey of public opinion” is first recorded 1902. Poll tax, literally “head tax,” is from 1690s. Literal use in English tends toward the part of the head where the hair grows.

“Political hack” is a negative term ascribed to a person who is part of the political party apparatus, but whose intentions are more aligned with victory than personal conviction. The term “hired gun” is often used in tandem to further describe the moral bankruptcy of the “hack”.

Political hack – Wikipedia

DC bars to open early for Comey hearing watch parties | WTOP

Senators Stab Trump to Death in Central Park Performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar | Mediaite

Osiris – Wikipedia

The first phase of the festival was a public drama depicting the murder and dismemberment of Osiris, the search of his body by Isis, his triumphal return as the resurrected god, and the battle in which Horus defeated Set. This was all presented by skilled actors as a literary history and was the main method of recruiting cult membership.



What hath fundamental Islam to do with Isis? Everything!


“Shiva became very angry and cut off the head of this new boy and threw it away”



“[My “art” is] an image of the actor who plays Captain America, and two eagles are sort of screaming into his ears, and he’s holding the severed head of Trump, and there’s a young Hillary Clinton clinging to his leg. I was reminded of those 80’s rock posters, where there’s a woman in tattered clothes clinging to a strong male hero’s leg.

Think of your most beloved and then imagine them beheaded. These pictured feckless people (?), dehumanized their fellow man in word or deed; the President of our country, the country that gave them the opportunity to pursue the lives they live; they are disconnected from the reality of most; the common man they abhor by word and deed.


Jerry Seinfeld on Kathy Griffin’s Trump pic: ‘I don’t understand the big deal’ | Fox News

Seinfeld cited an example in his own life, noting how his 14-year-old daughter thought that her mom referring to her being interested in boys was “sexist”.


Hey Mr. Sinfield, imagine a bloody life-like replica of your daughter’s head (gruesomely beheaded), posted as art for the masses. Imagine her children, someday seeing her disembodied head, not knowing it was art. What’s the big deal?!


When asked about the photo shoot of Kathy holding up a bloody head resembling Trump’s, Jim said, “I see that everybody’s a hypocrite because everybody’s imagined themselves standing there with his head, maybe at least half the country.” […]

“There’s so much darkness, and that’s where the real diamonds are formed, in that darkness.”

Jim Carrey told the audience at the premiere of his new Showtime comedy series that Griffin should double down on the now-infamous photograph.

“Hold up a severed leg as well,” he advised Griffin in a speech at the event, according to People magazine. “I don’t know if it’s funny, but I don’t think the joke is the problem. Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry for your existence. All of this is meaningless… all of creation is just God’s Fidget Spinner. It’s really not important. What’s important is that we’re all here.”

“And if one does not know what works of darkness are being committed, does anyone really care.”

1Pe 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for hecareth for you.

1Pe 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

1Pe 5:9 Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.

1Pe 5:10 But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.

1Pe 5:11 To him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen


Rev 20:4  And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.


Heb 12:1 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,

Rev 16:10 And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain,

Rev 16:11 And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds.

Rev 20:12 And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

Rev 18:23 And the light of a candle [wick=craft] shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth [Power Elite=Builders=Social Engineers]; for by thy sorceries [Big Pharma] were all nations deceived.

Mat 21:42 Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders [Fremasons] rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes?

The common thread woven through time immemorial is the history archived as the truths that encapsulate the doctrine of demons enshrined in Freemasonry. The “great men of the earth” who build the world we experience. They live, the doctrine of that blasphemy, that lie of immortal lineage, the bloodline trailing backward to the garden, the seed of the serpent, the dragon-man progeny.

Rev 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Rev 20:2 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,

Rev 19:20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

Rev 20:10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

Rev 20:14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

Rev 20:15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

Rev 22:15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

Rev 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lakewhich burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

Rev 20:11 And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

Rev 20:12 And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.



MSNBC Says President Like ‘Suicide Bomber’…

30 Republican Congressmen Attacked or Threatened…


DNA Replication Has Been Filmed For The First Time, and it’s not what we expected – ScienceAlert

“It undermines a great deal of what’s in the textbooks.”

BEC CREW 19 JUN 2017 

Here’s proof of how far we’ve come in science – in a world-first, researchers have recorded up-close footage of a single DNA molecule replicating itself, and it’s raising questions about how we assumed the process played out.
The Ritual of Care, The Ritual of Karen, The Ritual of Obamacare, The Ritual of Jade Helm (Jade AI, Jedi), The Ritual of CERN | forthtell

The Burning Man | The sword of Allah is the trowel of the Mason | The desertification of humanity | forthtell

Gigantus Infantus Cannibalus | forthtell

Green Gene Meme

CNN IS ISIS | 200K Cash Prizes! Infowars Launches Operation: Expose Terrorist Media/Kathy Griffin » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

ZERO Hour Approaches | Generation Z | Lost City of Z | WWZ | The Bazaar Of Bizarre Manifestations Of The Spiritual War

Z end or z beginning?

Isaiah 46:10 King James Version (KJV)

Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure[.]

Rev 22:13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

⊕⊕⊕⊕8⊕X8IX | DISCOVER MEANING⊕⊕⊕⊕8⊕x8ix/

Z – Wikipedia

Z (named zed /ˈzɛd/’ or zee /ˈziː/[1]) is the 26th and final letter of the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet.


The Semitic symbol was the seventh letter, named zayin, which meant “weapon” or “sword”. It represented either the sound /z/ as in English and French, or possibly more like /dz/ (as in Italian zeta, zero).

Rev 1:20 The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the sevengolden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches.

7 7’s | Z Order

0 ≤ x ≤ 7, 0 ≤ y ≤ 7

“The figure below shows the Z-values for the two dimensional case with integer coordinates 0 ≤ x ≤ 7, 0 ≤ y ≤ 7 (shown both in decimal and binary). Interleaving the binary coordinate values yields binary z-values as shown. Connecting the z-values in their numerical order produces the recursively Z-shaped curve. Two-dimensional Z-values are also called as quadkey ones. […]

In mathematical analysis and computer science, Z-order, Lebesgue curve, Morton order or Morton code is a function which maps multidimensional data to one dimension while preserving locality of the data points. It was introduced in 1966 by Guy Macdonald Morton.[1] The z-value of a point in multidimensions is simply calculated by interleaving the binary representations of its coordinate values. Once the data are sorted into this ordering, any one-dimensional data structure can be used such as binary search trees, B-trees, skip lists or (with low significant bits truncated) hash tables. The resulting ordering can equivalently be described as the order one would get from a depth-first traversal of a quadtree.

Seven Sevens |

Dan 9:24 Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

Dan 9:25 Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times.

Dan 9:26 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

Generation A to Generation Z | Round ‘n Round We Go | Cycling Through History

As we descend through the generational cycle, the migration from affluence to dependence crests. XTC rules the night, zombies the day. Free-for-all enslavement sold to the highest bidder. Aptly programmed with black mirrored minders. Google-eyed VR vision filtered for crafted gnosis, “a form of godliness”, “crept in unawares”, “ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

…from bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependency; from dependency back again into bondage. -Alexander Tyler, 1750

Pro 1:20 Wisdom crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets:

Pro 1:21 She crieth in the chief place of concourse, in the openings of the gates: in the city she uttereth her words, saying,

Pro 1:22 How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?

Pro 1:23 Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you.

Pro 1:24 Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded;

Pro 1:25 But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof:

Pro 1:26 I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh;

Pro 1:27 When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you.

Pro 1:28 Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me:

Pro 1:29 For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD:

Pro 1:30 They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof.

Pro 1:31 Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices.

Pro 1:32 For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them.

Pro 1:33 But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.

X,Y,Z, | UC

Generation X, or Gen X, is the demographic cohort following the baby boomers. There are no precise dates for when this cohort starts or ends; demographers and researchers typically use starting birth years ranging from the early-to-mid 1960s and ending birth years ranging from the late 1970s to early 1980s.

Generation X – Wikipedia

“Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X(mostly in western countries). There are no precise dates for when this cohort starts or ends; demographers and researchers typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years. Millennials, who are generally the children of baby boomers and older Gen Xers, are sometimes referred to as “Echo Boomers” due to a major surge in birth rates in the 1980s and 1990s.

“Generation Z (also known as The Founders, Post-Millennials, Plurals, Homeland Generation or the 9/11 Generation) is the demographic cohort after the Millennials.

Generation Z – Wikipedia


The secret history of X and Z – how sex chromosomes from humans and chickens found common ground – Not Exactly Rocket Science : Not Exactly Rocket Science

So it seems that X and Z chromosomes are true examples of convergent evolution – when two entities take different evolutionary roads to arrive at the same adaptive destinations. Not only have their genes become more widely spread apart, they have also gained extra ones. While the tiny Y and W chromosomes have jettisoned genes at great speed, X and Z seem to have gained genes since their ancient days as autosomes.

The identity of these added genes is particularly surprising – they’re mostly male-specific genes that are only switched on in the testes. And there are lots of them, arrayed in a huge block. These testes-genes make up around a sixty of the Z chromosome and 1% of the chicken’s entire genome!

Chicken or Egg? | Zero or Circle? | “Fit Extension”?

Feathered dinosaurs Archives – Not Exactly Rocket Science : Not Exactly Rocket Science

Meet the largest feathered animal in history – an early version of Tyrannosaurus rex, clad in long, fuzzy filaments. This newly discovered beast has been named Yutyrannus huali, a mix of Mandarin and Latin that means “beautiful feathered tyrant”. And its existence re-opens a debate about whether the iconic T.rex might have been covered in feathers.

“This is a tremendously important fossil. Paleontologists have been waiting for a gigantic feathered theropod to turn up for some time,” says Lindsay Zanno from the Field Museum. Larry Witmer from Ohio University, agrees. “The big thing is the one-two punch of being huge AND feathered,” he says.

Gen 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee [serpent/Lucifer] and the woman, and between thy seed [Satan] and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

Gen 6:4


There were giants [seed=offspring of Satan] in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.


There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.


In those days, and for some time after, giant Nephilites lived on the earth, for whenever the sons of God had intercourse with women, they gave birth to children who became the heroes and famous warriors of ancient times.


The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

“Flynn interprets this as, “The benei Elohim saw the daughters of Adam, that they were fit extensions” (emphasis added).[v] In other words, they wanted to incarnate themselves into the material world. The New Testament also suggests this idea when Jude, the brother of our Lord, wrote, “And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation [oiketerion]…” (Jude 6). This Greek term oiketerion is used by Paul in 2 Corinthians 5:2 to denote the transfigured body given to believers in heaven. This implies that these fallen angels indeed sought to extend part of themselves into earthly bodies. The rendering “fit extensions” seems applicable when the whole of the ancient record is understood to mean that the Watchers wanted to leave their proper sphere of existence in order to enter earth’s three-dimensional reality. They viewed women—or at least their genetic material—as part of the formula for accomplishing this task. Ancient records suggest the Watchers modified animals as well. For instance, Jubilees implies that interspecies mingling eventually resulted in mutations among normal humans and animals whose “flesh” (genetic makeup) was “corrupted” by the activity, presumably through cross-genetic integration:

And injustice increased upon the earth, and all flesh corrupted its way; man and cattle and beasts and birds and everything which walks on the earth. And they all corrupted their way and their ordinances, and they began to eat one another. And injustice grew upon the earth and every imagination of the thoughts of all mankind was thus continually evil. (Jubilees 5:2 underline added, cf. 7:21–25)[vi]

Even the Old Testament contains reference to the mutations that developed among humans following this time frame, including “men” of unusual size, physical strength, six fingers, six toes, animal appetite for blood, and even lion-like features (2 Samuel 21:20; 23:20). Early Church Father Eusebius adds other important details:

And they begat human beings, with two wings; and then others with four wings and two faces and one body and two heads… still others with horses’ hooves, and others in the shape of a horse at the rear and a human shape at the front… they also made bulls with human heads and horses with dogs’ heads as well as other monsters with horses heads and human bodies… then all kinds of dragon-like monstrous beings… [emphasis added] [vii]

Of the “winged humans” and “dragon-like monsters,” J. R. Church once made an interesting point that since this activity was satanic in nature, it refers to the “seed of the serpent” that was at enmity with Christ.

Zero | Seed Of The Serpent | Lucifer | Antichrist

“When we look at the symbols in the triune figure of Layard, already referred to, and minutely examine them, they are very instructive. Layard regards the circle in that figure as signifying “Time without bounds.” But the hieroglyphic meaning of the circle is evidently different. A circle in Chaldea was zero; * and zero also signified “the seed.”

* In our own language we have evidence that Zero had signified a circle among the Chaldeans; for what is Zero, the name of the cypher, but just a circle? And whence can we have derived this term but from the Arabians, as they, without doubt, had themselves derived it from the Chaldees, the grand original cultivators at once of arithmetic, geometry, and idolatry? Zero, in this sense, had evidently come from the Chaldee, zer, “to encompass,” from which, also, no doubt, was derived the Babylonian name for a great cycle of time, called a “saros.” (BUNSEN) As he, who by the Chaldeans was regarded as the great “Seed,” was looked upon as the sun incarnate, and as the emblem of the sun was a circle(BUNSEN), the hieroglyphical relation between zero, “the circle,” and zero, “the seed,” was easily established.

Therefore, according to the genius of the mystic system of Chaldea, which was to a large extent founded on double meanings, that which, to the eyes of men in general, was only zero, “a circle,” was understood by the initiated to signify zero, “the seed.” Now, viewed in this light, the triune emblem of the supreme Assyrian divinity shows clearly what had been the original patriarchal faith. First, there is the head of the old man; next, there is the zero, or circle, for “the seed”; and lastly, the wings and tail of the bird or dove; * showing, though blasphemously, the unity of Father, Seed, or Son, and Holy Ghost.

My Hero, Zero |


Yeah, Zero is a wonderful thing.

In fact, Zero is my hero!

How can Zero be a hero?

Well, there are all kinds of heroes, you know.

A man can get to be a hero

For a famous battle he fought …

Or by studying very hard

And becoming a weightless astronaut.

And then there are heroes of other sorts,

Like the heroes we know from watching


But a hero doesn’t have to be a grown-up

person, you know,

A hero can be a very big dog

Who comes to your rescue,

Or a very little boy who’s smart enough to

know what to do.

But let me tell you about my favorite hero.

My hero, Zero, such a funny little hero,

But till you came along,

We counted on our fingers and toes.

Now you’re here to stay

And nobody really knows

HOW wonderful you are.

Why we could never reach a star,

Without you, Zero, my hero,

How wonderful you are.

What’s so wonderful about a zero?

It’s nothing, isn’t it?

Sure it represents nothing alone …

But place a zero after 1

And you’ve got yourself a 10.

See how important that is?

When you run out of digits,

You can start all over again.

See how convenient that is?

That’s why with only 10 digits including zero,

You can count as high as you could ever go …

Forever, towards infinity,

No one ever gets there, but you could try.

With 10 billion zeroes,

>From the cavemen till the heroes,

Who invented you,

They counted on their fingers and toes

And maybe some sticks and stones, or rocks

and bones,

And their neighbors’toes.

You’re here,

And nobody really knows

How wonderful you are.

Why we could never reach the star,

Without you, Zero, my hero,

Zero, how wonderful you are.

Place one zero after any number

And you’ve multiplied that number by 10.

See how easy that is.

Place two zeroes after any number

And you’ve multiplied that number by 100.

See how simple that is.

Place three zeroes after any number

And you’ve multiplied that number by 1,000.

Et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum, ad astra,

forever and ever

With Zero, my hero, how wonderful you are.

Marian Apparitions & 13 UFOs OVNI Fatima UFO & BVM Sightings – Aliens & the Bible

Zeroing In On The Zenith |

Psa 118:22 The stone which the buildersrefused is become the head stone of the corner.

Rev 18:23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of thebridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

The Burning Man | The sword of Allah is the trowel of the Mason | The desertification of humanity | forthtell

Zoroaster | Zeroaster

Zoroaster was set in the impossibly ancient past, six to seven millennia before the Common Era, and was described as a king of Bactria or a Babylonian (or teacher of Babylonians), and with a biography typical of a Neopythagorean sage, i.e. having a mission preceded by ascetic withdrawal and enlightenment.[74]

Most importantly however, was their picture of Zoroaster as the sorcerer-astrologer non-plus-ultra, and indeed as the “inventor” of both magic and astrology. Deriving from that image, and reinforcing it, was a “mass of literature”[75] attributed to him and that circulated the Mediterranean world from the 3rd century BC to the end of antiquity and beyond. “The Greeks considered the best wisdom to be exotic wisdom” and “what better and more convenient authority than the distant—temporally and geographically—Zoroaster?”[76] […]

Once the magi were associated with magic in Greek imagination, Zoroaster was bound to metamorphose into a magician too. The 1st-century Pliny the Elder names Zoroaster as the inventor of magic (Natural History 30.2.3). “However, a principle of the division of labor appears to have spared Zoroaster most of the responsibility for introducing the dark arts to the Greek and Roman worlds.” That “dubious honor” went to the “fabulous magus, Ostanes, to whom most of the pseudepigraphic magical literature was attributed.”[78] Although Pliny calls him the inventor of magic, the Roman does not provide a “magician’s persona” for him.[78] Moreover, the little “magical” teaching that is ascribed to Zoroaster is actually very late, with the very earliest example being from the 14th century.[79]

One factor for the association with astrology was Zoroaster’s name, or rather, what the Greeks made of it. Within the scheme of Greek thinking (which was always on the lookout for hidden significances and “real” meanings of words) his name was identified at first with star-worshiping (astrothytes “star sacrificer”) and, with the Zo-, even as the living star.[80][verification needed] Later, an even more elaborate mythoetymology evolved: Zoroaster died by the living (zo-) flux (-ro-) of fire from the star (-astr-) which he himself had invoked, and even, that the stars killed him in revenge for having been restrained by him.[80][verification needed] […]

Similar ideas about Zoroaster also appear in early Christian literature, beginning with the Clementine Homilies,[81][non-primary source needed][original research?] which identifies him with a parallel series of traditions about Nimrod having been the founder of astrology.[citation needed] In this account, Nimrod is killed by lightning and posthumously deified by the Persians as “Zoroaster, on account of the living (zosan) stream of the star (asteros) being poured upon him.”[81][non-primary source needed][original research?]

The second, and “more serious”factor for the association with astrology was the notion that Zoroaster was a Babylonian.[82] The alternate Greek name for Zoroaster was Zaratras,[83] or Zaratas/Zaradas/Zaratos,[84][non-primary source needed]) which—so state Cumont and Bidez[who?][verification needed]—derived from a Semitic form of his name.[citation needed] The Pythagorean tradition considered the mathematician to have studied with Zoroaster in Babylonia.[85][non-primary source needed][original research?] Lydus, in On the Months, attributes the creation of the seven-day week to “the Babylonians in the circle of Zoroaster and Hystaspes,” and who did so because there were seven planets.[86][non-primary source needed][original research?] The Suda’s chapter on astronomia notes that the Babylonians learned their astrology from Zoroaster.[citation needed] Lucian of Samosata, in Mennipus 6, reports deciding to journey to Babylon “to ask one of the magi, Zoroaster’s disciples and successors,” for their opinion.[87][non-primary source needed][original research?]

While the division along the lines of Zoroaster/astrology and Ostanes/magic is an “oversimplification, the descriptions do at least indicate what the works are not”; they were not expressions of Zoroastrian doctrine, they were not even expressions of what the Greeks and Romans “imagined the doctrines of Zoroastrianism to have been” [emphases per Beck].[77] The assembled fragments do not even show noticeable commonality of outlook and teaching among the several authors who wrote under each name.[88]

“* Zero–in Chaldee, “the seed”–though we have seen reason to conclude that in Greek it sometimes appeared as Zeira, quite naturally passed also into Zoro, as may be seen from the change of Zerubbabel in the Greek Septuagint to Zoro-babel; and hence Zuro-ashta, “the seed of the woman” became Zoroaster, the well known name of the head of the fire-worshippers. Zoroaster’s name is also found as Zeroastes (JOHANNES CLERICUS, De Chaldoeis). The reader who consults the able and very learned work of Dr. Wilson of Bombay, on the Parsi Religion, will find that there was a Zoroaster long before that Zoroaster who lived in the reign of Darius Hystaspes. In general history, the Zoroaster of Bactria is most frequently referred to; but the voice of antiquity is clear and distinct to the effect that the first and great Zoroaster was an Assyrian or Chaldean (SUIDAS), and that he was the founder of the idolatrous system of Babylon, and therefore Nimrod. It is equally clear also in stating that he perished by a violent death, even as was the case with Nimrod, Tammuz, or Bacchus. The identity of Bacchus and Zoroaster is still further proved by the epithet Pyrisporus, bestowed on Bacchus in the Orphic Hymns. When the primeval promise of Eden began to be forgotten, the meaning of the name Zero-ashta was lost to all who knew only the exoteric doctrine of Paganism; and as “ashta” signified “fire” in Chaldee, as well as “the woman,” and the rites of Bacchus had much to do with fire-worship, “Zero-ashta” came to be rendered “the seed of fire”; and hence the epithet Pyrisporus, or Ignigena, “fire-born,” as applied to Bacchus. From this misunderstanding of the meaning of the name Zero-ashta, or rather from its wilful perversion by the priests, who wished to establish one doctrine for the initiated, and another for the profane vulgar, came the whole story about the unborn infant Bacchus having been rescued from the flames that consumed his mother Semele, when Jupiter came in his glory to visit her. (Note to OVID’S Metam.)

There was another name by which Zoroaster was known, and which is not a little instructive, and that is Zar-adas, “The only seed.” (JOHANNES CLERICUS, De Chaldoeis) In WILSON’S Parsi Religion the name is given either Zoroadus, or Zarades. The ancient Pagans, while they recognised supremely one only God, knew also that there was one only seed, on whom the hopes of the world were founded. In almost all nations, not only was a great god known under the name of Zero or Zer, “the seed,” and a great goddess under the name of Ashta or Isha, “the woman”; but the great god Zero is frequently characterised by some epithet which implies that he is “The only One.” Now what can account for such names or epithets? Genesis 3:15 can account for them; nothing else can. The name Zar-ades, or Zoro-adus, also strikingly illustrates the saying of Paul: “He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, and to thy seed, which is Christ.”

It is worthy of notice, that the modern system of Parseeism, which dates from the reform of the old fire-worship in the time of Darius Hystaspes, having rejected the worship of the goddess-mother, cast out also from the name of their Zoroaster the name of the “woman”; and therefore in the Zend, the sacred language of the Parsees, the name of their great reformer is Zarathustra–i.e., “The Delivering Seed,” the last member of the name coming from Thusht (the root being–Chaldee–nthsh, which drops the initial n), “to loosen or set loose,” and so to free. Thusht is the infinitive, and ra appended to it is, in Sanscrit, with which the Zend has much affinity, the well known sign of the doer of an action, just as er is in English. The Zend Zarathushtra, then, seems just the equivalent of Phoroneus, “The Emancipator.”

The patriarchs, and the ancient world in general, were perfectly acquainted with the grand primeval promise of Eden, and they knew right well that the bruising of the heel of the promised seed implied his death, and that the curse could be removed from the world only by the death of the grand Deliverer. If the promise about the bruising of the serpent’s head, recorded in Genesis, as made to our first parents, was actually made, and if all mankind were descended from them, then it might be expected that some trace of this promise would be found in all nations. And such is the fact.

Rev 12:3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

“The term dragon, according to the associations currently connected with it, is somewhat apt to mislead the reader, by recalling to his mind the fabulous dragons of the Dark Ages, equipped with wings. At the time this Divine description was given, the term dragon had no such meaning among either profane or sacred writers. “The dragon of the Greeks,” says Pausanias, “was only a large snake”; and the context shows that this is the very case here; for what in the third verse is called a “dragon,” in the fourteenth is simply described as a “serpent.” Then the word rendered “Red” properly means “Fiery”; so that the “Red Dragon” signifies the “Fiery Serpent” or “Serpent of Fire.” Exactly so does it appear to have been in the first form of idolatry, that, under the patronage of Nimrod, appeared in the ancient world. The “Serpent of Fire” in the plains of Shinar seems to have been the grand object of worship. There is the strongest evidence that apostacy among the sons of Noah began in fire-worship, and that in connection with the symbol of the serpent.

“When, therefore, Gratian abolished the legal provision for the support of the fire-worship and serpent-worship of Rome, we see how exactly the Divine prediction was fulfilled (Rev 12:9) “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the DEVIL, and SATAN, which deceiveth the whole world; he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” *

Feathered Serpent |

Mayans: El Castillo, the famous pyramid of Chichen Itza, symbolised the Snake Mountain – the place of origin.

Each religious site had a representation of the “Snake Mountain”; in Teotihuacan, this role was performed by the Quetzalcoatl pyramid.

Their god, Quetzalcoatl, was the “flying serpent”.

The serpentine connotation of El Castillo is visible through the serpent carved on its side.

Mohawk: Flash Forward In Reverse Fashion

America:: Land of the plumed serpent

Tales of Z | El Dorado | Dogon Nummo

The Lost City of Z is the name given by Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett, a British surveyor, to an indigenous city that he believed had existed in the jungle of the Mato Grosso region of Brazil. Based on early histories of South America and his own explorations of the River Amazon region, Fawcett theorized that a complex civilization once existed in the Amazon region and that isolated ruins may have survived.[1]

Fawcett found a document known as Manuscript 512 (links to non-English page), held at the National Library of Rio de Janeiro, believed to be written by Portuguese bandeirante João da Silva Guimarães. Da Silva wrote that during 1753, he had discovered the ruins of an ancient city that contained arches, a statue, and a temple with hieroglyphics. He described the city ruins in great detail without giving its location. Manuscript 512 was written after explorations made in the sertão of the province of Bahia (see Fawcett’s own book Exploration Fawcett). Fawcett intended to pursue finding this city as a secondary goal after “Z”.

He was preparing an expedition to find “Z” when World War […] broke out.

WWZ | 2B =! 2B Rated?

World War Z 2 – IMDb

Plot is unknown.

– Anonymous

‘World War Z 2’ Cancelled as Paramount Will Work Instead

And the idea makes sense as the online publication pointed out that AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is getting tiresome and Paramount might just have a new way of retelling how humans live with and fight off the plague that is the undead.

A good start for Paramount and Pitt, who will executive produce WWZ2, is to seriously consider the faithful adaptation of the book World War Z as presented by its author Max Brooks, UPROXX added on its report. And from there, things will get interesting.

As opposed to TWD, WWZ as a TV series will certainly offer richer and more compelling dimensions. For one, The Walking Dead so far has been confined within the limits of Georgia. In contrast, both the original film and Brooks presented World War Z’s take on the zombie apocalypse playing out not only in the United States but also in South Korea, Israel and more.

If Paramount decides to kill World War Z 2, the replacement TV show will surely get a vast playground to work with, per UPROXX. The carpet-bombing in Russia, the battles in North America, the overrunning of Jerusalem and the list just goes on and on – the point being is the opportunity is just there to finally put to rest The Walking Dead.

Dorado |
Dorado – Wikipedia Dorado (English pronunciation: /dɒˈreɪdoʊ/) is a constellation in the southern sky. It was named in the late 16th century and is now one of the 88 modern constellations. Its name refers to the dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus), which is known as dorado in Portuguese, although it has also been depicted as a swordfish. Dorado contains most of the Large Magellanic Cloud, the remainder being in the constellation Mensa. The South Ecliptic pole also lies within this constellation.

Even though the name Dorado is not Latin but Portuguese, astronomers give it the Latin genitive form Doradus when naming its stars; it is treated (like the adjacent asterism Argo Navis) as a feminine proper name of Greek origin ending in -ō (like Io or Callisto or Argo), which have a genitive ending -ūs.

The Dorenes | The Nummonian Water World

Shannon Dorey – The Nummo & The Dogon

January 8, 2012

Dorey is a graduate of Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario where she studied English, History and mythology. Her interests were expanded into religious studies after studying the New Testament at the University of Windsor in 1991. She began her writing career as a journalist and still continues writing articles for various online publications. She joins us to discuss her second book, The Nummo. The Dogon talked about alien beings known as Nummo who came to Earth from another star system. These fish and serpent like beings were hermaphrodites who spent more time in water than on land. Shannon presents examples of how these amphibious aliens appeared all over the ancient world and makes connection with mitochondrial Eve, Mary Magdalene, Masonic symbolism and more. She reveals how the Dogon religion is the core religion from which other religions including Judaism and Christianity have evolved. We’ll discuss the Nummo’s voyage to Earth, their knowledge of genetic engineering, Dogon mythology and their intention with humanity.

Rev 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of thesea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads thename of blasphemy.

Rev 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

BOTE Emergent | Beasts Of The Earth Feast

The Fours & The Awakened Ones | The Other Giants | Gigantus Robotus Satanus | Gigantus Micronus Virus | forthtell


2 Lift up a standard on the mountain of the plain, exalt the voice to them, beckon with the hand, open the gates, ye rulers. 3 I give command, and I bring them: giants are coming to fulfil my wrath, rejoicing at the same time and insulting. 4 A voice of many nations on the mountains, even like to that of many nations; a voice of kings and nations gathered together: the Lord of hosts has given command to a war-like nation, 5 to come from a land afar off, from the utmost foundation of heaven; the Lord and his warriors are coming to destroy all the world. (English Translation of the Greek Septuagint Bible

The Translation of the Greek Old Testament Scriptures, Including the Apocrypha. Compiled from the Translation by Sir Lancelot C. L. Brenton 1851) Ghibli Giants Set To Strike? | forthtell

The Giants That Are, The Giants That Will Be | forthtell

Waking Up To Ash Ash And Dust |


Whoa, oh, oh

Whoa, oh, oh

Whoa, oh, oh


I’m waking up to ash and dust

I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust

I’m breathing in the chemicals

[Inhale, exhale]

I’m breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus

This is it, the apocalypse

Whoa oh

I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones

Enough to make my system blow

Welcome to the new age, to the new age

Welcome to the new age, to the new age

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive

I raise my flag and dye my clothes

It’s a revolution, I suppose

We’re painted red to fit right in

Whoa oh

I’m breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus

This is it, the apocalypse

Whoa oh

I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones

Enough to make my system blow

Welcome to the new age, to the new age

Welcome to the new age, to the new age

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive

All systems go, the sun hasn’t died

Deep in my bones, straight from inside

I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones

Enough to make my system blow

Welcome to the new age, to the new age

Welcome to the new age, to the new age

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive

Zero Hour Approaches |

The song “Year Zero” off their 2013 album “Infestissumam” describes the reign of the Anti-Christ and begins with a choral chant to Satan under his various names.

Satanic Band Honored at Grammys

Vaulted Z |

Wikileaks Unveils ‘Vault 7’: “The Largest Ever Publication Of Confidential CIA Documents”; Another Snowden Emerges | Zero Hedge

A total of 8,761 documents have been published as part of ‘Year Zero’, the first in a series of leaks the whistleblower organization has dubbed ‘Vault 7.’ WikiLeaks said that ‘Year Zero’ revealed details of the CIA’s “global covert hacking program,” including “weaponized exploits” used against company products including “Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows and even Samsung TVs, which are turned into covert microphones.”

Zero Hour Tics Closer | 2|Z Minutes 2 Midnight

Manhattan Project Scientists Warnings Echo Anonymous: “The Clock Is Ticking, Global Danger Looms”

Zerubbabel |

Hag 2:20 And again the word of the LORD came unto Haggai in the four and twentieth day of the month, saying,

Hag 2:21 Speak to Zerubbabel, governor of Judah, saying, I will shake the heavens and the earth;

Hag 2:22 And I will overthrow the throne of kingdoms, and I will destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the heathen; and I will overthrow the chariots, and those that ride in them; and the horses and their riders shall come down, every one by the sword of his brother.

Hag 2:23 In that day, saith the LORD of hosts, will I take thee, O Zerubbabel, my servant, the son of Shealtiel, saith the LORD, and will make thee as a signet: for I have chosen thee, saith the LORD of hosts.

The End Is The Beginning |

Rev 22:13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

Rev 22:15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

Rev 22:16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

2Jn 1:7 For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

Protest-Art | “# Human Lives Matter” Hand Written +1K’s | Celebrating Humanness | The Art Of Man, Script Of The Hand | H@ppy Hum@n, Thou @rt Not Robot

The pitiful hijacking of the shameful #blacklivesmatter tribalism, by a human seeking entrance to Stanford (Is University where we learn to be sophisticated and understand culture?), was accomplished by the mere copy/paste action of the text “#blacklivesmatter”.  Counter to this culture of others loathing and asking for the damnation of as-you-do-to-others-will-be-done-to-you upon you and yours, is the celebration of humanness through the art of hand drawn script.  The sleight of hand, thought control programming of the masses is done with the intent to divide humanity. Conduct your own push back resistance by penning words with the power of eternal weight, able to shift paradigms and the course of history, and ultimately save a life from meaningless misery, selfish servitude, and eternal isolation.  Recognize we live in the greatest science-faction story ever imagined, with a forthtold future of unimaginable frontiers.

Isa 64:4  For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, O God, beside thee, what he hath prepared for him that waiteth for him.

1Co 2:9  But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

Script As Art | # Human Lives Matter




















As we course through the events of history witnessed by humanity, never must we forget, the same blood runs beneath the thinly veiled flesh we call skin.  More alike than unlike, more human than not.  When we are focused on the color of skin rather than on those who point out the color of skin, as a means of dividing humanity, we like sheep are as those herded off the cliff of gullibility.  Narrow is the exit to sanity in a world gone mad, willfully stumbling, dumb unto death, the foolish stampede along the broad path of insanity.  Of necessity we must require that the foolish not lead forever the path of history.  But, as the stampede is a momentary chaos and loss of thinking with clarity.  Let us remember the civility that separated history, that recognized humans as equals, endowed with rights, watched by a Creator yearning to see his offspring reach their full potential.  Speak to truth, speak to love, speak humanity.  Cultivate friendship toward your fellow man, regardless of pigment, regardless of tribe, regardless of paradigm.  Celebrate the free flow of ideas in the marketplace of the thinking.  Encouraging one another that we might attain that place of in history, the ideal of living in peace, tribe alongside tribe, culture to culture, city to city, country to country, honoring our differences and commonalities unique to humanity.  Humans lives matter.

Joh 3:16  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Mat 24:22  And except those [last] days [of the annihilation by machines] should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

They |

They. Who are they? They. They are the Builders, the Banksters, the Social Engineers, “the great man of the earth“. They, those who weaponize language, weaponize migration, weaponize humanity.  They who watch, test, confuse, divide. They are the enemy of humanity.  GRIN’n with glee as the humankind are fast tracked for the waste bin of uselessness in the age of we-can-do-it-better-faster-cheaper-and-we’re-smarter-too reality of spiritual possessed machines.

Rev 18:23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

As 2019 approaches. 2020 is on the horizon.  Long ago, the message was sent out, preached and published, now lost on the befuddled masses.  “Give me your poor, tired, destitute”, ebbed and flowed.  Time washed away the sorrow, yesteryear became tomorrowland, and the learning of helplessness crept in, as the age of autonomy flooded destitution, tiresomeness, and the poor flourished, floundering in the filthy naked cesspool of servitude loving dispensed from the affluenized pop culture of self. Fed by the craven nature of staring into the abysmal black mirrors, that see not, hear not, know not, and enslave all.  Lovingly escorting the poor, blind, and naked to despair, isolation, everlasting darkness.

Pro 29:18  Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Without REVELATION, there will be no revolution.

The At Of Man, Script Of The Hand |

Whether chicken-scratched or skilled calligraphically inscribed.  Each possess the uniqueness of a one of a kind print.  Though not necessarily appreciated by the  hand writer, the art is beholden by another.  This is another SCREAM with the intent to showcase humanness in the age machines.  The novelty of robot this and robot that has captivated the attention humanity, threatening extinction of human produced material, tedious handwriting is on the fast track to yesteryear memorabilia collectibles as it yields to automation of voice driven dictation.

Mat 24:12 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.

Many is not all. It’s not us. It’s not you. Let us then, not “grow weary in doing good.”  Let us wield the pen as servant-warriors, shifting the course of history with the kindness of a simple thank you hand written letter to your fellow man.  Harnessing the butterfly-effect of a well placed note that encourages another to press on and “fight the good fight.”  As our ancestors writ carried the message forward, so too, our hand has the power to complete the mission of forthtelling to the future, the necessity of man maintaining his form and function as mandated by the Maker, in whose image we are made.

H@ppy Hum@n, Thou @rt Not Robot






Lawn Mower Men | Running Amongst Blades | Time Travelers | The Return of the Kings | Replicating His Story | The Edge of Humanity | Reducing, Reusing, Recycling | Futurepast

Gen 1:11 And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

1Pe 1:24 For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away[.]

Lord Of Time | Lord Of The Rings | Lord Of The Realms

Dan 2:21 And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding[.]

Dan 7:25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

Psa 31:15 My times are in thy hand: deliver me from the hand of mine enemies, and from them that persecute me.

His Timing | Our Times | His Story

Exo 12:1 And the LORD spake unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying,

Exo 12:2 This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.

Exo 12:3 Speak ye unto all the congregation of Israel, saying, In the tenth day of this month they shall take to them every man a lamb, according to the house of their fathers, a lamb for an house:

Exo 12:4 And if the household be too little for the lamb, let him and his neighbour next unto his house take it according to the number of the souls; every man according to his eating shall make your count for the lamb.

Exo 12:5 Your lamb shall be without blemish, a male of the first year: ye shall take it out from the sheep, or from the goats:

Exo 12:6 And ye shall keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month: and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it in the evening.

Gen 7:11 In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.

Gen 8:4 And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat.

Gen 8:20 And Noah builded an altar unto the LORD; and took of every clean beast, and of every clean fowl, and offered burnt offerings on the altar.

Gen 8:21 And the LORD smelled a sweet savour; and the LORD said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man’s sake; for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done.

Gen 8:22 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

Dan 2:20 Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his:

Dan 2:21 And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, andknowledge to them that know understanding[.]

Darkness Descending | Babylon Arisen

Dan 7:23 Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.

Dan 7:24 And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.

Dan 7:25 And he [Antichrist] shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

Rev 16:10 And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain,

Gen 1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Jer 4:23 I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void; and the heavens, and they had no light [full of darkness].

Rev 18:2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird [demon].

Isa 34:11 But the cormorant [corvus|raven|Apollo] and the bittern [heron|heros|gods|demons] shall possess it; the owl also and the raven shall dwell in it: and he shall stretch out upon it the line of confusion, and the stones of emptiness.

Rev 9:11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon [Apollo].

Eph 4:17 This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind,

Eph 4:18 Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart:

Eph 4:19 Who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness. […]

Eph 4:31 Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice:

Eph 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

Observance Of Time | Occulted

Having just time traveled, we’ve fallen backward again, lost in time, alarmingly indifferent to the mental stress inflicted upon us by calendars of The Great Men Of The Earth. The seventh month, September (you thought it was the ninth), brings us through a time of darkness, the equinox. Falling backward we stumble through to the tenth month, December (you thought it was the twelfth), everlost in the festivities of those who program Society in the manner and fashion of him whom is borne of the red dead. Be fooled not. Humanity is slated for the chopping block. With the orderly finesse of machine run mass production factory line, deaf, dumb, blind, mute, nakedly unquestioning the wide road to destruction the herd is being conveyer belt driven to. VR eyes behold the myriad tantalizing distractions on walls of emptiness, never heeding the prompting of His code, Everknocking on the heart, failing to heed, darkness craven, death their haven.

Joh 3:19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

9/11 | 11/9 | Fastforward In Reverse

As humanity eats through the ninth month, November (you thought it was the eleventh), “remember, remember the fifth of November.” You see, calendar anomalies are their specialty, The Great Men Of The Earth (their ubiquitous symbol, the “V”, or 5). Their signature being the order they bring from the confusion they cause. Manifesting light from their darkness. November, November, the 9/11 of the mind. The horizon is the countdown. Darkness is descending as the light of humanity is dimming. Automation is replacing those made in the image of God. As the nexus of all that was forthtold unfolds, the prophecies of the dark lord replicate, spells cast by his Holy Wood, humanity’s fascination with mechanism will lead to their desolation.

Mat 24:22 And except those days [Days of Automata] should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

lawn mower men running amongst blades time travelers the returne280a6


lawn mower men running amongst blades time travelers the returne280a61


Descent Of Darkness | The Other 9/11 | Humanity’s Descent

(Opening scene from Blade Runner.)

Blade Runner (1982) – IMDb

In the futuristic year of 2019, Los Angeles has become a dark and depressing metropolis, filled with urban decay. Rick Deckard, an ex-cop, is a “Blade Runner”. Blade runners are people assigned to assassinate “replicants”. The replicants are androids that look like real human beings. When four replicants commit a bloody mutiny on the Off World colony, Deckard is called out of retirement to track down the androids. As he tracks the replicants, eliminating them one by one, he soon comes across another replicant, Rachel, who evokes human emotion, despite the fact that she’s a replicant herself. As Deckard closes in on the leader of the replicant group, his true hatred toward artificial intelligence makes him question his own identity in this future world, including what’s human and what’s not human.

Android Nexus Rising 2017 | Ominous 2019 Descending | 2020 Insight


Blade Runner 2049 is an upcoming American science fiction film directed by Denis Villeneuveand produced by Ridley Scott, written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green. It is the sequel to Blade Runner and sees Harrison Fordreprise his role as Rick Deckard. It is set for release on October 6, 2017 in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D. Alongside Ford, it will also star an ensemble cast including Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista, Sylvia Hoeks, Ana de Armas, Carla Juri, David Dastmalchian, Barkhad Abdi, Lennie James and Jared Leto.

As humanity is reduced to a reusable resource recycled by the sands of time, remember, remember it’s not December but September. Our time in His hands.

Dan 9:24 Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

Dan 9:25 Know therefore and understand, thatfrom the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times.

Dan 12:12 Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.

Dan 12:13 But go thou thy way till the end be:for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days.

Rev 16:15 Behold, I come as a thief [under cover of darkness]. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

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A Blade Runner FuturePast | The Pumapunku Portals | And the ‘I’ of God | forthtell

Ominous Number 19 | naɪntiːn | forthtell

It is ALREADY too late to ban killer robots: Researchers say autonomous weapons ‘have and will become possible’ | University of Buffalo researchers say autonomous weapons ‘have and will become possible’ | Daily Mail Online

T Minus …

Supermoon on November 14 will be biggest since

Here’s how to see the biggest supermoon since 1948

What's in a moon's name?

What’s in a moon’s name? 01:04

(CNN)If you step outside on November 14, you might notice the moon is looking bigger and brighter than usual.

Bigger in fact, than it has appeared at any point in the last 68 years, say scientists.

This month’s supermoon, the penultimate of the year, will be the biggest so far of the 21st century.

We won’t see its like again until 2034, so make sure you get a look.


A “supermoon” occurs when the moon becomes full on the same days as its perigee, which is the point in the moon’s orbit when it is closest to Earth.

The term is borrowed from the pseudoscience of astrology but has been adopted by popular culture and astronomers.

Supermoons generally appear to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons.

While such moons occur around every 13 months, November’s is a special one.

According to NASA, this month’s supermoon “becomes full within about two hours of perigee—arguably making it an extra-super moon.”
In America, the November full moon is known as a “Beaver Moon,” because it arrives at the time of year when fur trappers would hunt the dam-building animals.
Best way to see a supermoon? On a Chinese moon-viewing flight
The supermoon rises from behind clouds in Berlin.

Earth's shadow partially obscures the view of a perigree full moon, or supermoon, during a lunar eclipse as seen from Stedman, North Carolina, on Sunday, September 27. The combination of a supermoon and total lunar eclipse last occurred in 1982 and will not happen again until 2033.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

The eclipse is seen next to the Washington Monument.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

Deer are silhouetted against the sky in Yavterishki, Belarus, as the supermoon is eclipsed.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

The eclipse as seen from Los Angeles.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

The eclipsed supermoon is seen next to one of the steeples of the Cologne Cathedral in Germany.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

The supermoon is shown during the eclipse next to the Colorado State Capitol building in Denver.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

The supermoon eclipse is shown over Jerusalem.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

The supermoon is shown in Buenos Aires.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

A flock of birds flies by as the supermoon rises in Mir, Belarus.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

The supermoon rises over Miami Beach.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

A plane passes by the rising supermoon in Montreal.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

The supermoon passes by a statue of the Virgin Mary and the Child at Notre Dame de La Garde basilica in Marseille, France.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

The supermoon rises from behind clouds in Berlin.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

Earth's shadow partially obscures the view of a perigree full moon, or supermoon, during a lunar eclipse as seen from Stedman, North Carolina, on Sunday, September 27. The combination of a supermoon and total lunar eclipse last occurred in 1982 and will not happen again until 2033.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

The eclipse is seen next to the Washington Monument.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

Deer are silhouetted against the sky in Yavterishki, Belarus, as the supermoon is eclipsed.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

The eclipse as seen from Los Angeles.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

The eclipsed supermoon is seen next to one of the steeples of the Cologne Cathedral in Germany.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

The supermoon is shown during the eclipse next to the Colorado State Capitol building in Denver.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

The supermoon eclipse is shown over Jerusalem.

Photos: Rare ‘super blood moon’ eclipse

When and where to see?

According to, the moon will turn precisely full on November 14 at 1:52 p.m. UTC, or 8:52 a.m. ET.

For viewers in eastern North America and Europe, the best view will likely be on the night of November 13, or the following night.

Day and night across the Earth at 1:50 p.m. UTC/GMT on November 14, 2016.

Day and night across the Earth at 1:50 p.m. UTC/GMT on November 14, 2016.

Early risers on the US West Coast should be able to spot it near its fullest at 5:52 a.m. PST, as the sun does not rise in that region until 6:25 a.m.

Moon spotters in Asia are perhaps the best placed to catch the moon at its absolute largest, with full moon occurring at 9:52 p.m. Hong Kong time, or 7:22 p.m. in India.

Moon overshadows meteor shower

What is a Supermoon you ask...
What is a Supermoon you ask… 00:46

A month after the mega-supermoon, another supermoon will rise on December 14.

It too will be a sight to behold, but it’ll also limit our opportunity to see something just as beautiful — a Geminid meteor shower.

The Geminid meteor shower, an annual event, got its name because the meteors look like they’re coming from the constellation of Gemini.

But the supermoon’s brighter light will drastically reduce the number of meteors you’ll be able to see.

NASA says we’ll be lucky if we see a dozen meteors in an hour at the shower’s peak, when normally the shower lights up the night sky with more than 100 meteors per hour.

CNN’s Doug Criss and Holly Yan contributed to this story.

My times are in Your hands | Bridal exit nearing

Before proceeding, consider these two watchmen’s prophetic end times insights on the latest geopolitical high impact events such as ‘Brexit and ‘Pulse’ first, for, in order to stabilize, manage and steer ourselves in these events’ aftermath, let alone inform, support or lead others, we need to know where we are in prophetic time and place and have (or regain) piece of mind to be able to think and act on the basis of sobriety, vigilance and readiness.

If you’re new to this blog, know that we write from a Biblical perspective and understanding we are inundated by global systemic changes soon converging into systemic destruction and global power centralization which will profoundly impact lives. This position may be overwhelming and regarded as extremely negative when first confronted with and – as a first reaction – you may be tempted to negate, deny the content or discredit the messenger. If so, that’s understandable. I ask you nonetheless to work through these initial emotional and mental reactions should they arise and hang in there. When fearful in light of unexpected negative feedback, ask yourself if the information comes across as truthful and discern the intent from which it is written.

Understanding and solutions will be provided. Bible prophecy not only offers future-proof insight into the deeper things of God, ourselves and the world around us, it offers the pathway to salvation for our soul and deep rooted piece of mind, it enhances our responsiveness, sobriety and vigilance to overcome even the worst of Biblically foretold changes including a merciful escape from the soon cascading global destructive events. Brace yourself if you’re new to this perspective and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or remarks.



Viewing and reading the prophetic signs of the times, presented by Scripture led and Holy Spirit filled watchmen and ministers of today and days long gone by, we have come to know the time of His coming is at hand as well as how to respond in congruence with God’s Word. This notion may be overwhelming; it is to me at times.

Prophetic ‘high watch’ time | cascading world events

Sometimes, end times – even prophetic ‘high watch’ times we currently find ourselves in – can seem abstract, even distant as if viewed as mere projections onto an external canvas or timepiece outside my personal life, be it the heavens as celestial signs, on the world stage through multimedia outlets which severely obscure reality, in geopolitical affairs with global unification, messianic leaders coming center stage, wars and rumors thereof and the division of Jerusalem as prophetic time markers. Spiritual opposition can bind us to this mental state of being a mere spectator of cascading externalities or, once incrementally ingested, induce fight, flight and freeze responses due to our ineptness to process matters with sound mindedness, spiritual vigilance and Biblical discernment and hinder our response to the leap frog systemic changes occurring at break neck speed.

The Lord, especially in these times, calls us to watch and pray. Draw near to Him, be still and know …. He is in full control, keeping the time, prophetic times and our personal times.

Drawing nearer to the creator and keeper of all, grasping His outstretched hand and enveloping ourselves in his comforting arms, surrendering and yielding our whole being, forms the solution and bridge crossing any soul, mind or heart divide, as always. To (re-)gain closeness to the Lord and find inner piece and direction, obstacles often have to be overcome, undue control mechanism yielded and (hidden) sin repented of first, Acknowledging He is God, our Lord and savior, amidst all inner and outer circumstances is paramount.

Total identity and security | my times are in Your hands

In this teaching Charles Spurgeon invites us to obtain such gap bridging knowledge and understanding how, in addition to time at large and prophetic times enveloping us, the times of our personal and inner lives are totally secured in His hands as well. We find the foundation of this teaching in the 31st psalm (KJV):

31 In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust; let me never be ashamed: deliver me in thy righteousness.

Bow down thine ear to me; deliver me speedily: be thou my strong rock, for an house of defence to save me.

For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name’s sake lead me, and guide me.

Pull me out of the net that they have laid privily for me: for thou art my strength.

Into thine hand I commit my spirit: thou hast redeemed me, O Lord God of truth.

I have hated them that regard lying vanities: but I trust in the Lord.

I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy: for thou hast considered my trouble; thou hast known my soul in adversities;

And hast not shut me up into the hand of the enemy: thou hast set my feet in a large room.

Have mercy upon me, O Lord, for I am in trouble: mine eye is consumed with grief, yea, my soul and my belly.

10 For my life is spent with grief, and my years with sighing: my strength faileth because of mine iniquity, and my bones are consumed.

11 I was a reproach among all mine enemies, but especially among my neighbours, and a fear to mine acquaintance: they that did see me without fled from me.

12 I am forgotten as a dead man out of mind: I am like a broken vessel.

13 For I have heard the slander of many: fear was on every side: while they took counsel together against me, they devised to take away my life.

14 But I trusted in thee, O Lord: I said, Thou art my God.

15 My times are in thy hand: deliver me from the hand of mine enemies, and from them that persecute me.

16 Make thy face to shine upon thy servant: save me for thy mercies’ sake.

17 Let me not be ashamed, O Lord; for I have called upon thee: let the wicked be ashamed, and let them be silent in the grave.

18 Let the lying lips be put to silence; which speak grievous things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous.

19 Oh how great is thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee; which thou hast wrought for them that trust in thee before the sons of men!

20 Thou shalt hide them in the secret of thy presence from the pride of man: thou shalt keep them secretly in a pavilion from the strife of tongues.

21 Blessed be the Lord: for he hath shewed me his marvellous kindness in a strong city.

22 For I said in my haste, I am cut off from before thine eyes: nevertheless thou heardest the voice of my supplications when I cried unto thee.

23 O love the Lord, all ye his saints: for the Lord preserveth the faithful, and plentifully rewardeth the proud doer.

24 Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.


Spurgeon’s study does not contrast the whole body of the saints enjoying security and assurance together from knowing the large scale prophetic times, but, after all, truth is sweetened and ingested more easily when we taste the flavor of it for ourselves.

The Lord draws us near to him into the understanding that He works all worldly things according to His purpose; and invites us to abide in the presence of His gracious, loving Spirit ruling our personal lives as well.

At times, I struggle with fear including fear of the unknown, rejection at large and by Him eventually, trickling down to the wellbeing of my children and fate of (as of yet unsaved) loved ones and friends and often seek the Lord for (re-)assurance, for deliverance from fear induced fight, flight and freeze and letting go of the need to be in control and pray to come into proper alignment.

Nearing Him in spirit, knowing how near He actually is and cares for every detail in our lives eases, settles and heals. Our time is not in our hands, nor in the enemy’s. We are not to fear men’s judgements but may enjoy great expectations of what the Lord has and will undertake for us and our loved ones in these end times especially.

He, through His Word, Spirit and diligent servants, gives us ample insight into events unfolding and offers us security in both knowing and understanding times and our responsiveness, yet invites us also to be grateful and content with what is already established, revealed and matters still sealed. His future promises and blessings are rock solid, kept by his unchanging, loving nature extending towards us. Whatever we yield and whomever we lay in His hands, knowing our time on earth is nearly ending, are as well.

All the while news headlines are projecting an apocalyptically presented, emotionally high charged, yet factually uncertain aftermath of Brexit, most people are unaware that legally this highly publicized events was merely a non binding referendum. A high conflict divorce is nonetheless being foreshadowed in the worldwide media outlets and the stability of the EU put into question. The swaying and subconscious anchoring of emotions to power sources outside ourselves, divisions of underlying loyalties, split in our thought lives and fear of (trans-)national systemic implosion and destruction is firmly anchored nevertheless. The terms for this type of geopolitical conflict induction and psychological debasing tactics are polarization and gaslighting. Look it up if you’re unfamiliar with the terms; they’re dark sophisticated narcissistic traits to debase, divide and later usurp control by providing, or rather being the solution to covertly orchestrated and self manufactured problems. Another term for this construct is the Hegelian dialectic, normally used to resolve conflicting opinions towards truth, but easily manipulated in the political realm when, in short: you create the problem, create opposing solutions which have very high costs and induce conflict after polarization of the opposite groups.  Once the dust settles you present the predesigned solution which results in more power centralization from both groups. Standard EU politics.

Pulse at second glance | more than meets the eye

Likewise with the Pulse shooting. There is much information available already that there is more going on than what meets the eye. Ask yourself: Why is this woman smiling after just learning of her son’s death at Pulse Orland0 (link)? Is that a natural, normal respons in the given situation?

In stead of accepting the official story line, even though it’s presented by confident and smooth sounding ‘experts’ and ‘officials’, discern thoroughly, research the underlying facts for yourself before drawing conclusions. Does it matter that the FBI official Admits NOBODY DIED @Pulse… Before 5:13AM (link), that is before the SWAT teams entered the building and that many ‘alledged non lethal victims and visitors’ commenting on the event have proved to be crisis actors (link). Another report for your consideration: Orlando Shooting Hoax Busted Wide Open2 with a politician on probation, often interviewed by local TV stations, with drug charges and questionable past interviewed as if he is just a random witness. Stop, look, listen and discern your stance based on facts, not on the portrayed visuals and swaying emotions. The programming or conditioning of society along the Pulse branding and LGBT programming is massive, as viewed here. Ask yourself why and moreover to what purpose.

Trailblazing, wild maned rebel leadership

This is how, through mass programming, inducing trauma and subconscious anchoring of our emotions debased from reality, pre-traumatic stress is orchestrated to further mass conditioning. Acted out on a world stage while the unsuspecting battle fatigue masses, (unconsciously) united by centralized world media under purposefully designed slogans of tolerance, (religious) unity, inclusiveness, diversity, love and togetherness in designed opposition to religious fundamentalism as humanity’s final, remaining enemy (where radical Islam will soon be tied to Bible based Christianity called to be set apart) are prepared to give up existing identities, loyalties and power bases, accept and subsequently welcome a future messianic come-save-all-and everything type leader coming from behind the curtains after worldwide sudden destruction, the final stage of the Hegelian dialectic construct just explained, with capabilities well beyond those of the current, seemingly untamed geopolitical trailblazers and deemed political outsiders, debasing and  stirring up political debates.

In come the rebels. These intermittent, political stage stormers such as Donald and Boris (in my home country personified by wild maned controlled opposition leader Geert Wilders) are in fact elite groomed and highly skilled politicians, well able to sway, arouse and bind people to emotionally charged half truths and politically self serving doctrines – based on the assumption they can provide systemic solutions to deep rooted spiritual and moral problems we cannot vote, deal or debate our way out of. Very skilled and successful at assembling, dividing and re-assembling the increasingly conflict weary and deceived, they put a lot of stress un existing systems, already driven towards near-collapse by extensive high conflict and crisis politics, while proposing a way out at the cost of remaining God given principles, independence and personal power to be transferred to the proven (spiritually and morally) bankrupt national or – even worse – the international political arena.


Brexit | Staged 

With discerning spiritual eyes, we may see these cascading geopolitical events  descending into systemic destabilization and chaos such as Brexit, as conveying an all together different message, namely that of confirmation of the soon approaching church exit and return of the true messiah, the Lion of Judah for His redeemed bride, His assembled believers, growing in sobriety, vigilance, readiness and even excitement, knowing their Lord’s coming for them is very near.

As is often the case, word etymology reveals the dual foreshadowing of both an escape and staged ending:

exit (n.) 1530s (late 15c. as a Latin word in English), originally a stage direction, from Latin exit “he or she goes out,” third person singular present indicative of exire”go out, go forth, depart,” from ex- “out” (see ex-) + ire “to go” (see ion). Also from Latin exitus “a leaving, a going out,” noun of action from exire. Meaning “a departure” (originally from the stage) is from 1580s. Meaning “a way of departure” is from 1690s; specific meaning “door for leaving” is from 1786. The verb is c. 1600, from the noun; it ought to be left to stage directions and the clunky jargon of police reports. Related: Exited; exiting. Those who neither know Latin nor read plays like myself are apt to forget or not know that this is a singular verb with plural exeunt. [Fowler] exeunt (v.) stage direction, late 15c., from Latin, literally “they go out,” third person plural present indicative of exire (see exit).

Brexit thus conveys a message of a nearing high conflict separation and systemic destabilization for the world, in particular the EU as five more countries are favoring a referendum, as well as an exit for the Lord’s bride (ready believers, set apart by the Lord) separating or breaking away from the kingdom of this world into matrimony with Him in His heavenly kingdom, a spiritual division between wise virgins and foolish ones.

Let us continue to watch and pray to be found worthy to escape and inform and help others, knowing His hands of grace and mercy are still extended. Call upon the Lord to be saved if you haven’t yet.

John 3:16 KJV

 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Romans 10:9-10 KJV

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.



On repeat, the ‘Be Ye Ready’ guide for preparation in light of the Lord’s soon coming and an overview of prophecies pointing to the Lord’s soon return for us, entitled: ‘When to watch for the Lord’s return’


For further study and preparation for the Lord’s soon return | Do you know what time it is?

God’s Word tells us that He will return on a day that will seem like just any other day. People will go to work, people will tend to their gardens, work on their house and yard projects, the stores will be busy, weddings and plans for the future, like the days of Noah and Lot, when they were saved from sudden destruction.
People will have a false idea and hope of the future; they will have a misguided judgment that things will continue as they did yesterday. They will make plans for the weekend, what they are going to have for dinner, what summer projects they should work on, vacation plans, business plans, community plans.

Do you know what time it is? Have you asked the Lord to come into your life and submit to Him. What do you need to cast off to be ready for His coming? What trimming do you need to do to make your lamp shine brighter? What do you need to purify? Stop what you are doing, and ask God for wisdom on what you should pursue and purify.

How do I get saved if I do not know Jesus yet? 

This simple, yet profound, question is the most important question that can be asked. “How can I be saved?” deals with where we will spend eternity after our lives in this world are over, in heaven with our Lord Jesus or in hell which means everlasting punishment, torment and eternal damnation. There is no more important issue than our eternal destiny.

Information concerning the nature and timing of the rapture


How do I prepare myself spiritually for His coming?


What may happen if I do not surrender to Jesus commands, do not prepare or stray away from the Lord?

You may be left behind with the hypocrites and unbelievers to endure the time of judgement and tribulation.

Information to support those expected to be left behind

When Jesus returns for His Bride (the ones who have accepted Him as Lord and Savior and serve him to the best of their ability, children up to the age of accountability and those with uninformed conscience) there will be many lost loved ones and friends wondering what happened. They will likely be shocked, frightened and in great of information and basic comfort.

Be encouraged to write them a letter you could leave behind or post on social media to inform and equip them to deal with what happened.

Below, please find a template or checklist for this purpose, with basic topics that may help convey your thoughts, multiple sample letters and guidance documents for the post rapture time frame.


After the rapture and worldwide sudden destruction, the Antichrist will enter the scene. Great delusion will follow. Even time and space dimensions will be manipulated.


Many blessings!




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Dutch readers will find information and instructions concerning the prophetic time and end times events before and after the rapture on my Dutch blog

The blog concerning children and the rapture is found here | De uitgebreide Nederlandstalige blog over kinderen en de opname vind je hier




Swing low | Corrie’s ticket | All aboard?


Below, Daniel Valles from teaches on how our given time to repent, turn from our sins and prepare ourselves and one another for the Lord’s soon coming is almost running out.

The celestial and Scriptural reminders point to only a few days and hours away! We’re nearing the end of the proverbial line. 

Of trains and tracks

After studying Scripture and the etymology concerning trains and tracks, a beautiful prophetic picture emerged. I discerned that the root wording of ‘train’ can be used as a means to draw out (reminiscent of the Lord calling and drawing us out of the world and its systems), in addition to referring to a trailing part of a (wedding) gown, moving on a pre-designed straight and narrow path, securely two tracked (thy rod and staff comfort me), drawn by an engine (designed and guided by the engineer/locomotive, a type of the Lord), progressing behind and in line with Him, waiting for the conductor’s (type of Holy Spirit, our helper) time cues and other directives who goes by strict protocol (the written Word and celestial signs) and attentive to our unique pathways, to bring us to a desired state (being remembered with the Lord, His body and reunited in heaven) by means of instruction, discipleship and fellowship.

Applied in the realm of photography and vision it also indicates a clear point of aim and focus over stretches of land or water in addition to being a precursor of human development. It also refers to the little book of life (God’s Word, the Spirit indwelling us and a type of DNA or scroll) tucked securely away in our minds, hearts and cell nucleus (Holy of Holies), jointly conducting our collective and personalized pathway to salvation, deliverance, healing and liberty in Him. In addition to conducting our travels, The Holy Spirit also provides guidance in our prayer life and our songs of praise and worship.

Underground railroad and songs

The underground railroad songs, like the one the featured in the Informedchristians’ video above, were used in everyday life by African slaves in the United States. Singing was a tradition brought from Africa by the first slaves; sometimes their songs are called ‘spirituals’. Singing served many purposes such as providing repetitive rhythm for repetitive manual work, inspiration and motivation. Singing was also used to express values and solidarity with each other and during celebrations.

Songs were also used as tools to remember and communicate since the majority of slaves could not read, in addition to serving as coded language amongst their helpers (called conductors) to not alert their masters during their struggle for freedom using the ‘underground railroads’, a network of secret routes and safe houses used to escape to free US states and Canada with the aid of abolitionists and allies who were sympathetic to their cause.

Songs used Biblical references and analogies of Biblical people, places and stories, comparing them to their own history of slavery.

Listen for a bit…..eyes closed….

Now, open up and please enjoy these inspiring words and images which came to mind after studying how many Biblical and historical accounts of captives, conductors and their joint progression towards deliverance and liberty in Christ form such a wonderful last days image ..


Up and leave | Are you ready to surrender, forsake all and cross the Jordan?

A dear friend gave me the video ‘The Hiding Place – Corrie Ten Boom’ a while back, containing the below mentioned story (click here for the film’s free online version), not knowing at the time that Mrs. Ten Boom – on various occasions – visited the church I attended myself for a few years as well.

Cornelia “Corrie” ten Boom (15 April 1892 – 15 April 1983) was a Dutch Christian who, along with her father and other family members, helped many Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. She was imprisoned for her actions. Her most famous book, The Hiding Place, describes the ordeal.

From “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom with John and Elizabeth Sherrill (Spire Books, Fleming H Revell CO, NJ), 1971

“Corrie Ten Boom was one of two unmarried daughters out of a family of four children who grew up in a narrow three-story house in the center of Haarlem, Holland. She and her unmarried sister were living with their father, a watch repairman, at the time of the Nazi invasion into Holland in 1941. She was a driving force in hiding and helping with the escape of many Jews who would have otherwise been deported and probably killed. On Feb 28, 1944, she was taken by German authorities to prison and was later transported to Germany (Ravensbrook concentration camp) where she barely escaped death. Here is one of her stories of faith and trust.

Corrie joined her mother as they brought a basket of fresh bread up to a family who had just lost their baby. As her mother headed over to the young mother, Corrie stood frozen on the threshold when she saw that the homemade crib off to the right contained the dead baby. Her sister went over carefully and then touched the baby’s cheek; it took a while, but Corrie at last put one finger on the small curled hand that was so cold.

Still shivering from that cold feel, she followed her sister up to their room and crept into bed beside her. She couldn’t even begin to fall asleep until her father came up to arrange the blankets in his special way and then lay his hand for a moment on each head. As soon as he stepped through the door, however, she burst into tears and cried out “I need you! You can’t die! You can’t”. Nollie then explained to their father about visiting Mrs Hoog and touching the dead child. She also reported that Corrie hadn’t eaten anything since that experience.

Her father sat down on the edge of the narrow bed and gently began to ask Corrie a question: “When you and I go to Amsterdam–when do I give you your ticket?” She sniffed a few times before responding with “Why, just before we get on the train”. Her father then went on, “Exactly. And our wise Father in Heaven knows when we’re going to need things, too. Don’t run out ahead of Him, Corrie. When the time comes that some of us will have to die, you will look into your heart and find the strength you need–just in time”.

Unlike Corrie at the time, most believers currently living in the western part of the world currently do not face severe persecution or the risk of dying, unlike many of our brothers and sisters in less fortunate parts of the world. The Lord has nonetheless called upon all of His children in any and all way fathomable to repent, lay our lives down and prepare ourselves and one another for His soon coming.

Waiting and serving patiently, with great anticipation, we have come to discern the heavenly chariots, just like in Ezekiel’s days, are coming for us soon.

Corrie’s ticket

During our final preparations, Corrie’s profound lesson on forgiveness (7 mins linked here) is sure to bless our hearts (and those who may have harmed us) greatly. Let us join her in her ‘trained’ perspective of the cross and how she, through the teachings by her earthly and heavenly father, developed a deep gratitude of sharing in the Lord’s life and sufferings.

Many blessings!

Lord, come quickly.