Liar, liar, time to get fired.  (Did Putin Just Call Robert Swan Mueller A Liar?)

It is high time Robert Swan Mueller is fired by Trump, for operating under the pretense (lying) that he is investigating Russian interference with the election.

It does appear that it is the case that Putin is calling out Robert Swan Mueller, as outlined by Dave Hodges over at The Common Sense Show.  The article Putin Calls Zuckerberg a Liar-No Russian Ads On Facebook, calls into question the veracity of Fakebook’s accusations.

“Facebook co-founder and Chairman Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday that the company is “actively working with the US government on its ongoing investigations into Russian interference.”

The company also said that it “will help government authorities complete the vitally important work of assessing what happened in the 2016 election.”

“We are looking into foreign actors, including additional Russian groups”…

The article then refocuses on the person that should be investigated for the on-going Russian Collusion fishing expedition  — Robert Swan Mueller.  This, after the fact that Trump has been repeatedly vindicated, regarding his non-involvement in the so-called collusion narrative, cooked up by spirit chefs, stumbler Hellary Rottham and walker Pedo Podesta.

If guilt by association were a valid argument, the history archived on the Robert Swan Mueller wiki page would be a guest list of who’s who for a party of super villains who pose with a veneer of respectability in the eye of the gullible befuddled masses.  But then again, aren’t we known by the company we keep? Oh that thin red line weaponized not as the separation of a black and white realm, but rather a ever vacillating atmosphere of grey.

Director Robert S. Mueller- III.jpg

Mueller requests docs, details behind Comey’s firing  New York Post. 

Where is the Mueller 9/11 coverage?

What are his entanglements in the on-going cover-up?

Let us never give up in our pursuit of the truth.  Let’s get the necessary history and background we need to show who Mueller really is.  The reality being, that we the public are grossly inadequate with regard to the big picture, as we are largely kept in the dark, except for a brave few whistleblowers.  Analogous to the physics conundrum of the “missing matter” and our assumptions about reality, about that which we think we know, which is based on scant evidence.  Or put like this, it is extremely important to realize that the our entire knowledge of the physical universe is embarrassingly incomplete and based on only about 5% of the known mass.   And so, as the hunt for the missing matter continues let’s hold those accountable who paint the picture as complete when there is much yet to be detailed on the canvas in the religio-socio-politico-sci-military-industrial cosmos.

Bombings Make a Bitter Bookend for F.B.I.’s Director

The 8 dirtiest scandals of Robert Mueller no one is talking about

Why Did Robert Mueller Obstruct Congress’s 9/11 Probe?

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Who is Robert Swan Mueller?

Why was Robert Swan Mueller selected to conduct this investigation of Trump?

It is self evident.


Note: the pose struck by the swan is very telling, it signals of a brotherhood, a club, and you are not part of it.

Liar, liar, time to get fired!


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