Mandalay Bay Missing Windows | Historical Google Street View Photos Of Hotel

Intelihub | New video footage appears to show a total of 10 windows were knocked out or removed from the Mandalay Bay on the night of the shooting, including the windows on two penthouse suites

Update: One reader suggests that the dark areas are not windows but rather vents that have always been there. If anyone has direct knowledge of this please comment below so that we can update this post.

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — Video footage has surfaced showing the exterior of the Mandalay Bay presumably the morning after the deadly Oct. 1 mass shooting which may confirm that a total of 10 windows were broken out or removed from the MGM-owned building. […] Yout thoughts? Please comment and share! […]

Google Street View can be viewed for historical imagery (based on the roving spy vehicles that have invaded our neighborhoods) and images that users input based on their travels.  The infowar works both ways.  They spy on us and the data is at our disposal, insomuch it is used appropriately.

The following images show all sides of Mandalay Bay in a historical context.  Some images were taken (historically) from the concert venue grounds, adjacent the stage.








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