Humanity On The Nexus Of 2019 – Robopocalypse

Mat 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

No flesh = Robopocalypse

Will You Be Murdered By a Robot? – The Daily Beast

Blade Runner (1982) – IMDb


Blade Runner (1982, 19,11)

Opening scene Blade Runner:

Early in the 21st Century, THE TYRELL CORPORATION advanced robot evolution into the NEXUS phase – a being virtually identical to a human – known as a Replicant. The NEXUS 6 Replicants were superior in strength and agility, and at least equal in intelligence, to the genetic engineers who created them. Replicants were used Off-World as slave labor, in the hazardous exploration and colonization of other planets. After a bloody mutiny by a NEXUS 6 combat team in an Off-World colony, Replicants were declared illegal on earth – under penalty of death. Special police squads – BLADE RUNNER UNITS – had orders to shoot to kill, upon detection, any trespassing Replicant This was not called execution. It was called retirement.

Los Angeles, November (11) 2019

Blade Runner – Opening Titles (HQ) – YouTube

Google Nexus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Developer Google, variousType Smartphones, tablets, digital media players Retail availability January 2010–present Operating system Android Online services Google Play Website Google Nexus is a line of consumer electronic devices that run the Androidoperating system. Google manages the design, development, marketing, and support of these devices, but some development and all manufacturing are carried out by partnering original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The product family consists mostly ofmobile devices—six smartphones and four tablet computers have been released to date. As of March 2015, the devices currently available in the line are the Nexus 6 smartphone (made withMotorola Mobility), Nexus 9 tablet (made with HTC), and Nexus Playerdigital media player (made with Asus).

Devices in the Nexus line[1] are considered Google’s flagship Android products. They contain little to no manufacturer or wireless carriermodifications to Android (such as custom graphical user interfaces), although devices sold through carriers are sometimes SIM locked and may bear some extra branding. Nexus 6devices sold through AT&T, for example, are SIM locked and feature a custom boot splash screen and a logo on the back of the device, despite having otherwise identical hardware to the unlocked variant. The VerizonGalaxy Nexus featured a Verizon logo on the back and received software updates at a slower pace than the unlocked variant, though it featured different hardware to accommodate Verizon’s CDMA network. All Nexus devices feature an unlockablebootloader[2] to allow further development and end-user modification.[3] Nexus devices are often among the first Android devices to receive updates to the operating system.[4][5][6]


Philip K. Dick estate claimEdit

Upon the announcement of the first Nexus device, the Nexus One, the estate of sci-fi author Philip K. Dickclaimed that the Nexus One name capitalized on intellectual property from Dick’s 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and that the choice of name was a direct reference to the Nexus-6 series of androids in the novel.[20]


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  1. Newest Blade Runner Footage Shows Surprises in the Future

    Newest Blade Runner Footage Shows Surprises in the Future

    Evan NarcisseToday 9:40am

    Image: Warner Bros.
    Those flying cars you wanted? They’re coming in 2049, with guns and missiles and drones. Too bad the world will have gone to hell by then…

    The latest TV teaser for Blade Runner 2049 gives viewers a few new glimpses of the three-decades-after sequel to the scifi classic. In the new footage, both Harrison Ford’s Deckard and Ryan Gosling’s Officer K trade punches with the folks who are hunting them, along with a car chase sequence that shows off futuristic weapons and tech. The brief cut with the lush, verdant environment is the most exciting thing to me, because—in a world wracked by apocalyptic climate change—you’ve gotta wonder where exactly that moment happens.

    Blade Runner 2049 opens on October 6.

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