Tour de France | the elite’s hidden design | CERN & ITER brought to light

While most of the world’s attention has moved away from Paris France and has become firmly fixed on this week’s mainstream media covered political drama, IS-ascribed terror events and trauma induction, our blog’s ‘Tour de France’ has not ended just yet, in spite of the magician’s unseen hand’s diversion. Take a look away from the San Bernardino and London ‘terror’ attacks, steadily increasing war efforts, ongoing weaponized migration, tightening domestic control grids and eco-political masterminding at the COP 2015.

Let us zoom into two of the world elite’s largest scientific pet projects CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) in an attempt to understand how and why their proponents, while nations get more entangled in self-induced and orchestrated crises and armed conflict center stage, in the background manage to attribute ever increasing national resources to these particular scientific collaborations in a Tower of Babel like manner. While the public is lead to believe WWIII may not be averted, the nations’ political rulers and international scientific elite continue to collaborate behind the scenes. A call for discernment and inquiry.
Our blog’s continued light-shedding ‘Tour de France’ will resume with its logo and its lesser known and partly hidden meaning beneath surface layers.
Inline afbeelding 1

Yes, upon closer look, we do discern the cyclist hidden within the logo’s design as well as understand the yellow colored reference to daytime stages of the race. Spiritual discernment and awareness of Biblical end times prophecy enables us to understand the event’s organizers may be familiar with a potentially far deeper meaning. H/T to the The Open Scroll Blogspot for partly blazing this particular symbolic trail.

The stylized title pictures a bicycle being raced. The wheels represent sun wheels; a depiction of Apollo’s sky chariot, the classical sun and light deity’s vehicle trailing across the sky. One wheel is the ancient dot-within-the-circle symbol of the sun; its outer circle also corresponds with the ancient Egyptian and Hindu Ouroboros, or time and recreative cycle manipulator, which is simultaneously used as a male-inside-female reproductive symbol. The other is an yellow sun circle. This typology will be connected to CERN and ITER below.

The circumference crosses the R, making it an Rx or eye of Horus and prescription or pharmakeia symbol. The outward manifestation of this hidden meaning is the controversy about the race’s ongoing doping scandals. Opposite the R and connected through the circle of the orange sun is the letter e. The Egyptian sun god is called Re. The yellow leader jersey confirms this pattern. The centennial anniversary poster shows the bicycle racing through time, in a Fibonacci type goddess spiral.


Inline afbeelding 2


In what manner does Apollo’s sun wheeled chariot relate to the scientific efforts at CERN and ITER which, though distinct in character, may in fact function as interconnected wheels?



While CERN is covertly involved in opening dimensional portals and manipulating time/space boundaries, her maturing brother ITER (located in Cadarache, 200 km south of CERN in the south of France) is designed to function as a forced atom fusion reactor, a ‘synthetic star creator’ and energy super conductor by means of magnetic confinement and creation of hot plasma, just like the sun’s inner workings. The current ITER logo reflects this solar (9)ITER was initiated in 1985 as a Reagan–Gorbachev initiative with the equal participation of the Soviet Union, European Union (through European Atomic Energy Community), the United States, and Japan through the 1988–1998 initial design phases and has since then increased its members.

At the time ITER was called ‘The holy grail of energy production’ aimed to “obtaining a source of energy, which is essentially inexhaustible, for the benefit for all mankind.”. In an age where most people have rejected God’s witness of history in favor of psuedo-scientific theories like macro-evolution, uniformitarianism, and man-made global warming, controlled nuclear fusion is easily digested as our future energy hope. The premise is that through science and technology man will eventually solve his inherent problems and surpass God given boundaries.

Formally connected

In 2008 ITER and CERN signed a Cooperation Agreement to cooperate not only in the fields of technology such as superconductors, magnets, cryogenics, control and data acquisition and complex civil engineering, but also in administrative domains such as finance, purchasing and human resources, including software programs. In addition, a connection was made with DEISA, in full Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications,  European consortium of national supercomputer centres. DEISA also maintains a network link with TeraGrid, a supercomputing network in the United States. A giant, beast like system in the making.

The Way

According to ITER’s official website, ITER is the Latin word for The Way. Etymology reveals it indicates a march, journey and not a, but indeed the way of God. In human anatomy it describes a passage, especially the passage between the third and fourth ventricles in the brain; the cerebral aqueduct. Linguistically and anatomically a reversal of the retina, or “reti (neurali)” neural networks come to mind (H/T HD).

This declaration of ITER as The Way is significant for various Biblical reasons. Jesus, speaking of Himself declared, “I am The Way” and the Bible describes Him as ‘light of the world’. Also in the first century Christianity was often referred to as The Way, and early Christians were often called followers of The Way. John 14:6Acts 9:2Acts 19:9Acts 19:23Acts 24:14,Acts 24:22. Thus, through ITER’s branding and positioning both Jesus as well as His Church are substituted. 

Babel 2.0

The ITER project has been characterized as the world’s greatest human endeavor and example of world cooperation since the tower of Babel. This political unification trend has been accelerating in recent history. Some examples include the formation of the League of Nations, the United  Nations and the institution of the European Union. In fact, as the EU was being formed, it’s official promotional documents included a depiction of the tower of Babel and bore the slogan “Europe, Many Tongues, One Voice”.


Like the EU, ITER has created its own multi-national currency called the IUA, another unity of man against God. It was so during the construction of the tower of Babel and it is recurring now. The fact that its progenitors continue to identify themselves with Babel metaphors, underlines this rebellion. Its like saying, “God, we were unified against You before and we will be again, only this time You won’t stop us”. 

Like CERN, ITER is seriously lacking transparency concerning its true intents and purposes, operational risk management and in fact functions on false premises (see outline on page 4 and 5 in French, translate here) all the while aspiring and claiming super human abilities without assuming corresponding responsiveness and responsibility. 

Beyond Biomimicry | Playing God

It is significant and prophetically relevant that nuclear fusion is the same process that fuels the sun and stars, because in a metaphorical sense ITER is designed to not only mimic God’s true light bearers, but also to cause fire to come down from heaven, harness its energetic power and bring it under human submission.

Bringing fire down from heaven is one of the wonders to be performed by the Antichrist mentioned in Rev 13:13. (the number 13 equals rebellion). It further goes on to state that world follows after the Antichrist because of the God-like wonders he displays.

Fire from heaven

Fire has come down from heaven several times in history. The Bible records at least six of these instances:

Fire fell from heaven and destroyed Job’s flocks (Job 1:16). This was a direct attack from Satan, but, as the earlier part of Job 1 explains, Satan was acting with the permission of God (verse 12). It was a tragedy allowed by God and, in the end, bringing glory to God. On the other side of his trials, Job was blessed with even larger flocks (Job 42:12).

Fire coming down from heaven was also a means of God’s judgment. Fire in the form of burning sulfur rained from the heavens and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:24Luke 17:29). God also used fire from heaven to judge the soldiers sent by the wicked king Ahaziah to arrest Elijah—twice, fire descended from heaven to consume a group of fifty soldiers sent on the king’s business (2 Kings 1:1012).

But fire from heaven is not exclusively a means of judgment. On at least three occasions, God sent fire from above in order to consume a sacrifice: fire came down from heaven to consume the sacrifice that David offered on the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite (1 Chronicles 21:26); to consume the sacrifice at the dedication of the temple, in the presence of King Solomon and the people of Israel (2 Chronicles 7:1); and to consume Elijah’s sacrifice on Mt. Carmel, in response to the prophet’s simple prayer (1 Kings 18:38).

In each sacrifice consumed by fire from heaven, God was making an important point. In David’s case, God was forgiving David’s sin in conducting a census and halting a plague in Israel. He was also choosing the place where the future temple would be built. In Solomon’s case, God was consecrating that location as the place where His name would dwell forever (2 Chronicles 7:16). The people’s reaction was to worship the Lord and say, “He is good; his love endures forever” (2 Chronicles 7:3). In Elijah’s case, God was shaming the prophets of Baal, whose god sent no fire, and claiming His rightful title as Lord God of Israel. The people on Mt. Carmel “fell prostrate and cried, ‘The LORD—he is God! The LORD—he is God!’” (1 Kings 18:39).

Interestingly, during Jesus’ earthly ministry, two of His disciples, James and John, wanted to call down fire from heaven in judgment of a Samaritan village that did not welcome the Lord. Jesus, however, “turned and rebuked them” (Luke 9:55). He had not come “to condemn the world, but to save the world” (John 3:17). James and John, rightly called the “sons of thunder” (Mark 3:17), wanted what they thought was justice, but their idea went against God’s plan of mercy. God’s justice will come, but on His terms, not ours.

In the end-times tribulation, the false prophet will cause fire to come down from heaven as a means of deceiving people into worshiping the Antichrist (Revelation 13:13). I believe ITER will play a role in this endeavor.

And, at the end of the millenium, God promises that He will destroy the armies of Gog and Magog with fire from heaven (Revelation 20:9).
There is additional spiritual significance concerning ITER’s fusion technology synching with Biblical prophecy. The concept of ‘fusion of the opposites’ is reflected in the New Age mantra of ‘as above so below’. These words circulate throughout occult and magical circles, and are recorded in the ancient Hermetic texts. The actual text of that maxim, as translated by Dennis W. Hauck from The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, is: “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing” .
Contrast this with the Bible, dealing not with (sub-atomic) binding or fusion of opposites, but propagating separation and remaining within as well as upholding God given boundaries instead:
2 Corinthians 6:17  ” Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.”
Peering somewhat deeper Into the technicalities of the ITER’s fusion process. At its core, ITER’s densely packed high-precision equipment will encase a cavernous vacuum chamber, in which a super-hot cloud of heavy hydrogen will rotate faster than the speed of sound, twisting like a strand of DNA as it circulates. The cloud will be scorched by electric current (a surge so forceful that it will make lightning seem like a tiny arc of static electricity), and bombarded by concentrated waves of radiation. Beams of uncharged particles—the energy in them so great it could vaporize a car in seconds—will pour into the chamber, adding tremendous heat. In this way, the circulating hydrogen will become ionized, and achieve temperatures exceeding two hundred million degrees Celsius—more than ten times as hot as the sun at its blazing core.
This design is based on an idea that Andrei Sakharov and another Russian physicist, Igor Tamm, sketched out in the nineteen-fifties. It is called a tokamak—old Soviet shorthand for a more precise and geometrical name, toroidalnaya kamera s aksialnym magnitnym polem, or “toroidal chamber with an axial magnetic field.” Sakharov’s rough sketch depicted a doughnut-shaped vacuum chamber, or torus, ringed with electromagnets, and that is how ITER’s core will look, too, once it is completed.
This image of Cernunnos comes to mind, the Celtic horned god of the witches, holding a torc/ring indicative of a magnetic, possibly even a torsion field. The torc is attributed meaning as symbol of sovereignty or kingship.
Inline afbeelding 2


How Cernunnos relates to France

The horned God can be found in the ancient City of Parisii that we know of today as the French capital of Paris. Around 250 BC, the Celts settled on the site which was to become the ancient city of Lutetia (Lutetia Parisiorum, “Lutetia of the Parisii”). It was at Notre-Dame de Paris, site of ancient Lutetia, that was also the civitas capital of the Celtic Parisii under Roman rule.’The Parisians (Pariasians) were the followers of goddess religion whom they depicted under the name of Isis (also refered to as virgin goddess, goddes of all things, mother goddes of the sun, goddess of darkness and chaos) which is how they get their name of the Parisii.

The horned god if found on the famous Pillar of the Boatmen (French Pilier des nautes) is a square-section stone bas-relief with depictions of several deities, both Gaulish and Roman. Dating to the first quarter of the 1st century AD, it originally stood in a temple in the Gallo-Roman civitas of Lutetia ( Paris).

Symbols - Botamn Pillar

These deities on the pillar such as the horned God could be Pan, and there is also the God of Fire, Vulcan, and sacrificial bull we can easily compare with the Minos (Jupiter) bull of Crete. All these same deities can be found at least 500-1000 years before they are found and dated in the West.

On this pillar below, Cernonnus is depicted as a taurus-man with two ringed horns. I think we can support the hypothesis that these rings are currently manifested in CERN’s underground collider and ITER’s tokamak toroidal chamber which, both from a distinctive angle, are bound together in a world encompassing, elite driven effort to trespass God’s fundamental boundaries and subvert His authority reminiscent of Isaiah 14:12-14

12How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! [how] art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 13For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:14I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.


Symbols - Cernonnus paris

The above image almost looks exactly like that of the more modern Knights Templar horned God known as Baphomet, a well known representation of fusion of opposites. He/she appears to have a ring in his lap as well.



This image is also very similar to the more ancient Gods in the East known as Pan in Phoenicia and Greece and as Amon Ra in Egypt. All are found to be horned ‘Gods of All Things’, like this Newsweek’s cover depicting Obama as Shiva, whose statue is located outside CERN’s headquarters..


Inline afbeelding 4

ITER’s scientist Janeschitz envisioned a future in which thousands of commercial thermonuclear reactors will one day operate, with plasmas burning within: points of astral light across the globe. “ This resonates strongly with Bush sr’s speech on the ‘thousands points of light’.
Finally, as with CERN’s Shiva statue, ITER’s headquarter’s entrance is flanked by a sculpture. In 2010, the director-general, Osamu Motojima, a Japanese physicist, who has run the organization since 2010, ordered workmen to install at the headquarters’ entrance a granite slab proclaiming ITER’s presence.
ITER tombstone

Contrary to its official ‘light bringing’ purpose, people call it a tombstone, possibly recognizing the darkness and subliminally implied function in the design.

Inline afbeelding 3


Irrespective of possible unconscious efforts or more malignant intent among those involved in ITER, the general public, once informed, is not lead astray that easily and may be ‘in tune’ with what is actually going on.

Let us pray the Lord sheds more light on the matter in due time so those involved and unaware can make more informed choices.
In contrast, as the prophet Isaiah continues his warning to those knowingly doing Satan’s bidding and thus bound to share in his fate when remaining unrepentant:
Is 14: 15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. 16They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, [and] consider thee, [saying, Is] this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms;17[That] made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; [that] opened not the house of his prisoners?

For further study: Time, CERN and the Bible video and written material by



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