Good Will Hunting | Lording over WILDlife | Ebony and Ivory

He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD. Genesis 10:9 KJV

Yesterday, we could discern from this MailOnline article what the world elite may have communicated subliminally a few weeks ago regarding forthcoming April ‘key changes’, referred to in our previous blog post, listed here. 

Woven within the fabrics of the article, one of its key proponents, Prince William, is being portrayed and positioned as future-proof moral authority over ‘wildlife and the preservation thereof as well as its death through ‘responsible hunting’ contrary to ‘wildlife for sports’, both within and – remarkably – outside Britain. This, in spite of having been criticized repeatedly of demonstrating contrary behavior in the past. Not hindered by any attributed hypocrisy, boundary trespassing or (self-) restraint of his moral and functional authority, William goes as far as condemning a signal killing of a lion last year as ‘unforgivable’.

This statement should grab our attention. Absent the absolute moral foundation of God’s Word, what is deemed legal, moral and responsible is where humanity, especially when attributed absolute, unchecked or balanced power, has proven to cause great destruction.

On killing and reviving a rebel | LION. 

Cecil the lion, whose death last year sparked worldwide controversy the article reminisced about, was a male Southwest African lion living primarily in a National Park in Zimbabwe and a major attraction. Cecil was wounded with an arrow by Walter Palmer, an American recreational big-game hunter, was then tracked, and on 1 July 2015, allegedly killed with a rifle approximately 40 hours later. However, Palmer asserts that Cecil was killed with a bow and arrow in far less than 40 hours after the lion was first wounded. He was 13 years (number associated with rebellion) old when killed. Two men in Zimbabwe are being prosecuted in relation to the hunt. Palmer had a permit and was not charged with any crime.  

The killing drew international media attention and sparked outrage among animal conservationists, politicians and celebrities, as well as a strong negative response against Palmer. Five months after the killing of Cecil, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service added two subspecies of lion, in India and western and central Africa, to the endangered species list, which includes the species of Cecil, making it more difficult for US citizens to kill these lions.

The lion was named after Cecil Rhodes, a British businessman, mining magnate and politician in South Africa, who served as Prime Minister of the Cape Colony from 1890 to 1896. His motivation in politics and business was his professed belief that the Anglo-Saxon race was destined to greatness as, to quote his will, “the first race in the world” and that “the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race”. He advocated vigorous settler colonialism and ultimately a reformation of the British Empire so that each component would be self-governing and represented in a single parliament in London. Sounds like a precursor to the rapidly carried out New World Order blueprint, in synch with the dark ambitions of this particular lion, exposed in Scripture:

1 Peter 5:8 (KJV) Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

Eerily similar to Cecil Rodes’ ear-tickling imperialistic ambitions, William, in the featured MailOnline article, stated to ‘… want to turn round and turn to my children and my friends and talk to other people my age and having known we have truly made a difference, we have fixed something, we have given hope to the future….And that should give everybody a lift and realize there is hope that we can fix stuff.’

‘Big Game’ terrorism?

It became even more interesting when he, during the article featured television interview, added a dose of drama and obscurity by mentioning ‘there is a link between poaching and terrorism’ and called for “urgent action” to break any connection between the slaughtering of endangered animals and the funding of acts of terror. The basis of his political statement: ‘In certain areas there is potential evidence and links that I can’t go into myself but I know of that are of a concern that I think we should be taking more urgent action.”

Removing ivory | Pan’s seductive keys 

What struck me most though were cryptic statements concerning William’s progressive ‘efforts to have ivory removed from royal palaces.’ Let us take the royal piano’s as a practical place to start. What happens if we remove the white keys, often made from ivory; obviously the black or ebony wood ones remain. Having ivory (symbolic for the ‘good’ or traditional values and thought structures) removed, may resonates with a more sinister plot.

Please follow along down a slightly ‘off the road’ path. In Greek mythology, Pan was a piper, a fertility god protecting the fields, woods, shepherds and goatherds, a ruler of sorts. Pan invented the flute and made beautiful music trying to seduce nymphs. Now, if you look at any octave on a piano, you will have twelve keys, 7 white and five black. This is called the pentatonic scale because there are five black keys. If the golden mean ratio is 8:5 then why do we use only 7 white keys? There is also the tritone or the devil’s chord which is interesting because the evil carries a triton. The Devil is often depicted with a trident or pitchfork as well. So is the God Neptune in Greek mythology. If you take the 12 notes starting with “D”, put them in a circle like the hours on a clock, and connect the black keys, you get an inverted pentagram or the goat head of Mendes. William has been seen wearing that attire many times. May that be what he meant with removing the ivory? A pentagram structure and black star surfacing?

Now, look at the terms associated with music. First thing a musician must learn are the music scales. Most tunes that become hits have to have a beat, a catchy melody or hook. Music is visually arranged on staffs. The major staff is encircled by a stylized cursive G around the note G (the sun) and the high G sits on top of the staff. The bass clef staff seems to encircle the note G (or is it F?) as well and the stylized letter appears to be an upside down G (the Freemasonic sun) or a backwards C (the moon). The theme of the sun up to explicit sun worship is pervasive and permeates the lyrics of virtually every influential artist in rock history. Nearly every successful rock act has at least one song about the sun. The Beatles have multiple, like ‘Here Comes the Sun’ and ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ all with specific occult connotations.

Of wheat and tares

Its lead singer, Paul McCartney once composed the song ‘Ebony and Ivory’ which he performed together with Stevie Wonder, a fitting musical illustration. It’s lyrics suggest good and bad can live in perfect harmony in musical displays. An alluring, utopian vision projected onto humanity, but without aligning with Biblical lordship and submitting to its legal structures, not able to move beyond from ‘wheat and tares’ survival into God centered living under common en personal grace and His provision. Not nearly a perfect type of harmony evidently, but as of yet – albeit a sin mired one – still subject to God’s absolute and perfect sovereignty and lavished in grace and mercy. This age is expected to soon come to an abrupt end and transform into a time the Bible refers to as the ‘time of Jacob’s trouble’ as explained here, after the Biblical ‘ivory’ or the purified, responsive and spotless bride of Christ is removed by the true ‘Lion of the Tribe of Judah’. Subsequently, the dark keys will steer the earth toward cacaphony, destruction and chaos for a designated time.

Perfect harmony

Concluding, a wonderful example of ‘Ebony and Ivory’ lovingly and harmoniously working together expressing God’s love for us extended to one another and His greater good lording over evil, are these two elderly women in New Jersey, one white and one black, who played classical piano together. Both had suffered a stroke in 1982 and become partially disabled. Ruth Eisenberg and Margaret Patrick were introduced to each other the following year and began playing piano together, one hand each. A reporter covering their story dubbed them Ebony and Ivory.  How lovely.




Prophetic tidbit:

Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder – performing the son Ebony And Ivory (Live at the White House 2010) – YouTube (H/T HD). Note who and what subliminally present powers oversee the event (FM, GW and double display of illuminated Cernunnos anyone?) who and what subliminal present powers oversee the event (FM, GW and double display of Cernunnos perhaps?)


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