FLAT EARTH: “The Choice Awakens”

(transcript of the video’s narration below, just in case it’s hard to hear some of the recording I guess…)

What do Star Wars, the recent attacks in Paris, and the Flat Earth, all have in common…?

Most people would probably think, not much, but I would actually like to suggest the idea that there is in fact a great deal of commonality amongst all three of these subjects, and I’m going to try and weave them all together by examining a theme which many us are probably already familiar with.

That theme, is the Hegelian Dialectic.

Now, for most people who would consider themselves a part of the “Truth Movement”, or participants in “conspiracy research”, and so on, this is something you are most likely already understand, at least on a certain level.

When looking at things like the New World Order agenda, and the laundry list of False Flag attacks that have increasingly occurred since 9/11, for a lot of people it’s fairly easy to comprehend how we can see this playing out again and again. Create the problem, which stimulates a reaction, then provide the solution. Thesis, antithesis, then synthesis. They instigate the crisis, and then promise to deliver everyone from said artificial crisis, using means and methods which previously there was no political will to support. In the “War on Terror”, we see how again and again the citizenry is manipulated into willingly giving up their personal freedoms in favor of an increasingly invasive surveillance society and militarized police state, because it promises to ensure safety in the face of the suddenly existent “terrorist threat”.

On September 10, 2001, there was absolutely no way the Bush administration could’ve cajoled the American public, and other countries around the world, into invading Afghanistan (and of course, Iraq a little later). By September 12 people were screaming for bombing raids and boots on the ground.
On November 12, 2015, France had little involvement in the hostilities in Syria. By the 14th, they were busily bombing “ISIS targets”…

Okay, so this is nothing new. But what about the Flat Earth? How does the Hegelian dialectic factor in there?

One of the amazing things about the “Flat Earth movement”, is that for so many individuals it is truly working to bring them to a place where they realize that they are NOT simply just a random accident of the Universe, an evolving blob of matter descended from countless others, which billions of years ago all just happened to spring to life from the primordial soup which had puddled together on a chunk of rock that was expelled from the Big Bang. And this is a fantastic, marvelous thing.

However, even when people get to that point of recognizing the lie of Evolution, and opening there hearts and minds to the idea of a “Creator”, the next big question of course has to do with just who/what that Creator actually is, and what do they want…
Was it “God”? Gods? Some advanced ancient alien race? Is the Cosmos itself sentient, i.e. pantheism? And so on.

One of the things which is so intriguing about the Flat Earth movement, and indeed the “Truth movement” in general really, is that there is actually a very strong tide of people coming to a place where they recognize that there just has to be something true in the belief in a spiritual reality. Lots of people who are seeing the evidence for the claims that the Earth has no discernable curvature, and that Heliocentricism is demonstrably false, are understably stopping and taking a second look at the Bible, even if often times they never considered themselves “religious”, because of all the things that it has to say pointing very much to an enclosed, finite cosmology.

But getting excited by the fact that the Bible describes a Flat Earth, and listening to what the Bible also has to say about things like the fallen nature of humanity, the Holiness of God, Christ’s atonement for sin on the cross, the existence of a literal devil, etc., are of course, two very different things…

So, just like with so many other “non-Flat-Earthers”, this “awakening to a greater spiritual reality” essentially leads one to a crossroads. What is the nature of this spiritual reality? What does it mean to “find God”? Or, are we all on our own journey of “finding our own God”? What about all these ancient, mystical traditions and shamanic practices, is there some value to be found in exploring those? And how does such esoteric knowledge which deals with issues like “magic” or “advanced entities” and dimensional transcendence and such relate to the sorts of things we can deduce about what the “NWO Elites” are themselves engaging in…?

And this is where we segway into Star Wars, and the whole cinematic, mythological universe that Lucas and co. created…
Unless you’ve somehow managed to boycott the Star Wars franchise altogether, and avoid watching the original trilogy, you undoubtedly know the scene from The Empire Strikes Back where in the Degobah swamp Yoda explains to Luke what the Force is… (scene here)

Now, the thing is, that this whole explanation of the Force here, is really a nutshell version of the entire belief system which the Bible sometimes refers to as “Mystery Babylon”. This is the core of ALL “mystery traditions”, ancient occultism, shamanic practices, and the modern New Age movement. Biblical prophecy actually says that in the Last Days there would be a renewed surge of interest in this Luciferian philosophy, and we can absolutely see this very thing taking place within the FE movement, the broader “Truth movement”, and yes, even “mainstream society” as a whole. So in that sense, (and I realize this may ruffle some feathers to hear this) it almost doesn’t even matter if a person becomes “awakened” to the reality of the New World Order agenda, or even “enclosed world cosmology”, because in any case we are all still faced with the same over-arching choice between the believing in the spiritual narrative of the Bible (where God sets the boundaries and defines how Deliverance from the Fallen system will ultimately happen) and believing in the alternative, in it’s countless varieties and forms.

You see, throughout the Star Wars films, we are presented with the duality between the forces of tyrannical oppression, military aggression, and ruthless domination. This is all represented by the agenda of the “Empire”.

This is of course contrasted against the forces of the “Rebellion”, the collection of humans and alien races devoted to peace, harmony and galactic cooperation and so on.

Both sides have heroes and villains who have mastered the use of the “Force”, with the Sith Lords serving the evil forces of Empire, and the Jedi knights of course serving the cause of Truth, Justice and Peace.

But the “Force” itself is said to itself be rather unbiased. It can be used for ‘good’, or used for ‘evil’. And this is the trap, this is the spiritual lie. This is the same Hegelian dialectic being embedded into these most popular of films.

Because interestingly enough, Hegel didn’t actually invent the “Hegelian dialectic”. He merely recognized, categorized it, gave it a name. It was really Lucifer, the Fallen angel, who first developed and applied this method of deception, back in the Garden of Eden, in the account found in Genesis 3 where he tempted the first man and woman into eating the forbidden fruit. It was Satan who “created the first artificial problem”, by lying to them about the nature of God, and painting God Himself and the tyrannical, oppressive “Dark Lord”, who was holding Adam and Eve back from “having their eyes opened, so they could be like God…”

It was he who first suckered humanity into believing the lie, because he KNEW that it wouldn’t actually deliver that which he promised, but would instead bring death and seperation from God. It was indeed a “false flag argument”, whereby God was turned into the bad guy, while Lucifer portrayed himself as the “Savior”, who was trying to “free” humanity by showing them the path to enlightenment…

And absolutely, we can hear this very same argument being made to this very day.

Just recently I was listening to an interview with Jeran of “Jeranism”, where he was talking about the Bible as it relates to Flat Earth, (and I’m not picking on him or trying to attack him personally at all) but he was articulating this very same idea, wherein he believed the Bible has some “good stuff” in it, as it pertains to FE, and also certain generic concepts of “love your neighbor as yourself”, and so on, but adamently rejected the whole idea “idly sitting by and just waiting for Jesus to come back and save the world”, instead of getting up and trying to do something about all the problems in the world.

You hear this sort of thing all over the place, in the Truth movement, and again, in society as a whole. And so, while the concept of a “Creator” might be permitted, the question as to how we “approach all that is wrong with the world” is the one that is of the most ultimate significance, even more significance than the question as sweeping and massive as the size/shape of the world in which we live…

Because, really, how much sense does it make, if on the one hand we begin to see the scope of so many of the lies being perpretated upon the world, by this extremely nefarious group of “Elites”, only to turn around and eventually embrace the same ideology, and same spiritual practices, that they have…?

Why do you think that right in front of Rockefeller Center in NY, there is that famous statue of Prometheus, “The Light Bearer”…?

That is a representation of THEIR hope, THEIR “deliverence”. Prometheus is Lucifer! He is the one they believe “stole the fire from heaven”, and graciously shared it with humanity, so we can “save ourselves”… They too hate the idea of a Soveriegn, all-powerful God, who found mankind guilty of sin, and provided a way of Redemption through Jesus’ death on the cross. They too have instead turned to lying and suducing spirits, and their promises of “secret knowledge”, and benevolent gifts of “higher technologies” and the ability to transcend our current human limitations.
And so it is a complete false duality, to entertain this idea of trying to resist the forces of “Empire” by turning to the same spiritual sources and ideologies that they use.

You see, the God of the Bible does not offer us anything akin to the idea of the “Force”, whereby we can hope to master certain metaphysical secrets and become wizards, eventually elevating above the physical plane itself (as we see in Star Wars when “Jedi Masters” become ascended “light beings”…) His Way is completely upside-down from how we typically assume we can and should “fight the powers that be”. Jesus defeated Death, by submitting to it, as a sacrifice on our behalf. HE has the true power. His Holy Spirit is capable of workings and miracles which would shame anything Hollywood could dream up, BUT, it is not something that we can learn to wield like some mystical weapon, not something that “guides our actions, but also obeys our commands”. The Holy Spirit is a PERSON, whom we learn to Trust and submit to, and He leads us through this fallen, rebellious world…

I don’t know how much sense I’m really making here, I could honestly go on and on about this for hours probably, but for some time now, I have been feeling convicted to start speaking out on this issue more, especially as the longer I find myself navigating through this so-called “Flat Earth movement”, and seeing how many people are coming to a place where they are starting to seriously reconsider their opinions on things like astrology, and meditation, and hallucinogenic drugs like ayahuasca and DMT, and the role which various “spiritual entities” might actually be playing in the “Heavens” above our heads, and so on. Again, please know that I am not intending to attack or berate anyone for their current beliefs, but I do hope to do my part to ignite and sustain the conversation on this whole topic of the spiritual realm.

I believe it’s only going to press more and more to forefront as time goes on anyhow, and if you are someone who through looking into the Flat Earth has brought to taking a second look at the Bible, or the Book of Enoch, because of their FE implications, then I’m simply trying to encourage people to continue looking into what these writings have to say about the true nature of this “panorama of conspiracy” as a whole…



  1. Thanks, great expose.

    Even the FE discussion is served up as red-blue bipolar construct (Flat vs Global) with controlled opposition steering the debate and outcome (alien origin and savior types).

    The Bible is the only way out once more (content/structure/conduct). Believe the inner eye model is at least manifesting above the Hegelian divide. We do not have to battle, just walk in truth with as solid and profound Biblical foundation as possible.

    Mike Adams FE/shill discussion is another great example of this.


    1. The Bible is the only way out of the maze of false paradigms and false dualities, agreed!

      I did see that post on aplanetruth.info, yes, (but I was honestly rather surprised to hear him call Patricia Steere and David Weiss “well known shills”, to be honest) Sounds like something Eric Dubay would say. Any thoughts on that one?

  2. First, I am not familiar with Weiss.

    Patricia Steere professes to studying the Bible and having been raised in a Christian manner though I haven’t found any testimony on her salvation and acknowledgement of Jesus as Lord and savior and the Word as absolute truth yet.

    I will not judge her inner workings, intent or spiritual state etc, but focus on her fruit (communication, actions, behavior) as noticeable outworking of inner dynamics.

    Because she has assumed an (albeit sudden) teaching/proclaiming position on FE she will be subjected to public (Biblical) correction, reprove and, if appropriate, rebuke. A logical consequence and, if done appropriately, to the betterment of the quality of the debate.

    In spite of her communicative qualities, I discern double mindedness in her presentation, use of language, attitude towards her audience and content of her teachings.

    Biblically, if we – after we recognize and testify to Jesus being our Lord and savior – continue to study and submit to Biblical truth in close relationship with Jesus, the Holy spirit and in fellowship with believers (and sincere truth seekers), our minds will further stabilize in truth, but until we surrender our minds to Christ, double mindedness will remain.

    I came across her channel, while researching FE issues and, at first sight, her refreshing presentation style and distributive strength appears attractive and her role as truth distributor and contributor is welcomed by many and could be constructive if the content is in fact truthful and distributed carefully.

    To me she did and does not qualify as teacher on the FE topic (or related end times issues at large) content-wise, partly because she doesn’t present much original thought, deal with the earth’s cosmology beyond the flat/globe Hegelian style polarized debate level yet and partly because she features counter-Biblical FE-ers like Mark Sargent (he proposes an alien originated dome/firmament structure) on which she seems to rely strongly.

    This article by ‘Christian flat earth ministry’ explores some of Sargent’s Biblical errors.


    She does not adhere to Biblical standards in various aspects. She holds a non-Biblical position regarding food/drink issues and uses foul language and – at times – even a rude demeanor when she responds to questions or criticism by her viewers in the comments section.

    In short, to me she doesn’t qualify as thought or debate leader or Biblical minister.

    Especially, regarding upcoming critical end time events, such as the actuality and impact of Mark of the Beast (likely to result in genetic hybridization, of fallen angel – not alien – origin), increasing demonic presence on earth due to the opening of dimensional gateways (CERN) and opening of the pitt, the great falling away and rapture of the church etc. solid Biblical discernment on the identity of the author and creator and nature of extra dimensional beings such as demons, fallen angels etc is pivotal.

    For further study, a two part back check leaving ample room for questioning Patricia’s background, identity and agenda for your consideration

  3. In addition to addressing instances of false or mired teachings, we are called to pray for unbelievers by modeling the prayers Jesus prayed.

    John 17 is Jesus’ longest recorded prayer and shows us how He prayed. Verse 3 says, “Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” He prayed that people come to know God the Father. And the means by which they could know God is through Christ the Son (John 14:6; 3:15–18). If this was Jesus’ desire, we know we are right when we pray similarly. Any prayer that agrees with God is an effective prayer (James 5:16; 1 John 5:14).

    Second Peter 3:9 also gives us a glimpse into the heart of God toward unbelievers. It says, “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” It is not God’s desire that anyone spend eternity away from His presence (Romans 6:23). When we pray for repentance in the lives of unbelievers, we are in agreement with God. We can also pray for opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus so that people can come to know His goodness (Galatians 6:10; Colossians 4:5; Ephesians 5:15–16). We can pray for boldness, like the apostles did, in seizing those opportunities when God makes them available (Acts 4:13, 29; Ephesians 6:19).

    We can also pray that God will orchestrate whatever circumstances are necessary to turn stubborn hearts toward repentance.

    If in this case we’re dealing with hardened or willful unbelievers we may pray for God to break the walls around them for truth to enter in.

    Psalm 119:67 says, “Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey your word.” It often takes painful circumstances to drive us to Christ. When we pray for loved ones who don’t know Jesus, it is tempting to ask God for protection and blessing. However, it is sometimes necessary to pray the opposite if that is what it takes to break the control that idolatry has on their lives. Comfort, materialism, sensuality, and addiction are false gods that keep unbelievers in bondage. Praying the will of God may require that we ask Him to remove His protection and comfort in order to drive them to the place where they must seek God. There is nothing more important for our unsaved loved ones than that they seek God and find Him.

    Praying for others touches the heart of God (James 5:16). It is one way we show love for other people (1 John 4:7). Even when we are not sure how to pray, we can take comfort in the promise of Romans 8:26. God knows we don’t always know what to pray. He has sent the Holy Spirit to intercede for us so that the desires of our hearts are transported to the throne room of heaven.

    Most people on earth – even most Christians – are not aware of Biblical truths about the earth’s cosmology and there are many individual and collective obstacles such as fear, pride, normalcy bias, vested interests in a former view of self, the world and nearness of the Lord and let us not forget the tremendous scale of intertwined centuries old lies, which hinder this truth from entering into our hearts and minds. It’s change impact is tremendous. Most if not all societal structures are centered around this lie. It is a massive stronghold, not easily conquered. Prayer will pave the way.

    1. Well, I really wasn’t asking about her stance as far as belief in God/Bible, since I was under no illusions as to the idea that she (or Mark Sargent for that matter) was a Christian. I don’t hear her claiming to be one, and so I don’t actually see that having much to do with the question of whether or not she is truly a “paid government shill”…

      There of scores of people within the FE movement who aren’t Christians who I still find to be sharing helpful information, and so I honestly don’t get bent out of shape if they like secular music like the Smiths, or don’t go so far as presenting a true Biblical perspective when they aren’t claiming to be one in the first place…

      1. Steere’s pattern of biographical inconsistencies, professed half truths, lies and inappropriate language and demeanor have been laid out; her fruit is substandard according to worldly standards, let alone truth seeking or Biblical ones.

        Without (the ability of) knowing if she’s a paid agent or not, the Lord directs our attitude toward her based on what we do know. We are to pray, present truth in love and not commune with or bind ourselves to her.

        2 Corinthians 6:14
        Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? 15 And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

    1. Hi JG, I have been looking into FE for a few months now, and having been writing about it on weseeasthroughaglassdarkly.wordpress.com, and also have made some videos on YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2aFQcGgRoVuEWfx2AM0H-A

      (I hate to just leave links in a way that leaves the impression of shameless self-promotion, but please know that’s not my intent. Just trying to let you know where I’ve been collecting more of my thoughts on a variety of tangents as they relate to this whole FE issue…) 😉

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