A Flat Earth | Road Less Travelled | Seeing & Not Knowing

“I’ve never seen anything so flat… I wasn’t even aware that the human eye could see as far as it can. As far as I’ve seen. I watched remote and distant clouds shuffle across a crisp horizon that I swear was thousands of miles away. As if, if it were not for the fact that the earth is round and eventually curves down and away in its grand curvature [FT Editor Note: Calculate the distance and you’d realize you were seeing over / beyond “the curve”, an impossibility*], I could have seen on forever. Perhaps so far that I’d see the back of my own head, standing there on the plains. I’d see myself again in the distance as space-time seems to make no sense in the nothingness that is the Australian Outback.


*Flat Earth:

Chicago Skyline seen from Michigan Proves “Flat Earth” – YouTube

Easy Globalist Arguments To Refute


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