What do you call a Weimaraner with antlers?


My choice for a hard chew is an antler, deer or elk. (Tennis balls are like cotton balls).

These chews last for months (I prefer the whole; not split), as the outer “shell” is dang near impenetrable. Well, unless you have a Weim (or other power jawed cruncher). They love ’em so much they call smell the difference between three different antlers. Tekoa, my male, is so peculiar, he’ll howl (until I get it for him) if Tahlia has “his” antler. My fav is when they walk around like they have a pacifier/cigar in their mouth.

This is where I’ve been getting my chews from (now, off to find a ball they last more than a few days).

Michigan Antler Art – LARGE ANTLER CHEWS

3 Large Antler Variety – Medium/Hard Core

. 7″ -8″ Long

4″- 4.5″ Around

One Hard Core

One Medium Core


Free Shipping

You Get THREE Here!!!



maker: Dear Daliesque Busted


Special Investigative Report – Part 1: Dead Pets Don’t Lie » SkyWatchTV


SkyWatchTVStore: Do Our Pets Go to Heaven?



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