Civil War Photoshopery | NASA Montagery

Does this photo of Ulysses S. Grant look strange to you? | Fox News

“Surprised? Don’t be. Before Photoshop became all the rage, photographers even in the 18th century developed techniques to make a photo montage.
“They exposed negatives multiple times, sandwiched two negatives together, or pasted parts of different pictures together and photographed the result,” according to the blog post. “This montage is skillfully done and hard to detect unless you look twice.”

This is the type of scrutiny that should be applied to all NASA imagery.
Like the image below of the moon orbiting in front of the Earth.
Applying the same type of visual review, as done with Grant photo, leads one to observe photoshop chicanery.

Question: What do Jack Whiteside Parsons, Aleister Crowley, L.Ron Hubbard, Werner von Braun, and Walt Disney have in common? Answer: NASA.

Disney imagineering is foundational to the NASAfication of the public.

Fly Me To The Moon, NASA Lunacy, Fake “Real” Star Wars, And TR3B Sightings | forthtell

Another example of highly suspect imagery.

(Gotta love that hi res graininess.)

The ridiculously timed “dead comet” with a “skull face”?

Dead comet with skull face to hurtle by Earth on Halloween – Yahoo News

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