Is Tactile Paving | Truncated Domes | Blind Navigation, Actually Nano Surveillance Tech?

Truncated-Dome Threat Still Looming
I believe the city should not rush to embrace enhanced requirements for tactile domes but instead, as with curb lips, should conform to the existing federal standards used by thousands of cities, certainly at least until federal and state codes are realigned. This is particularly true because federal and state standards are in conflict, and California’s requirement for tactile domes on curb ramps can easily be replaced with some other equivalent facilitation, far less expensive, less experimental, less ad hoc, and more likely to be used by blind pedestrians.

Tactile paving – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tactile — Tactile Paving Services | Tactile Paving Suppliers | West Yorkshire
Tactile Paving Studs

As found in neighborhoods


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