The Final Frontier – Earth As It Is – Assume Not It’s Shape

Musing on the hyper space program is extremely provocative. I perceive the biggest obstacle to wrapping your head around the Flat Earth paradigm, is where I keep returning to in my thought process. And thinking about it again, maybe “As above so below” is the answer. Maybe the inversion of the “hemispherical” (dome?) that is “flat earth” (Are you a “flaming literalist?); the two hemi’s together form the “sphere”, the global paradigm. Lucifer’s inverts God’s reality (God is patriarchal, so Lew sets up a matriarchal paradigm of false “herstory”.) Why the sphere? (Personally I like the spherical-gravitational model; but liking is not enough) That’s where I get hung up. So, much of what we think we see is “spherical”; or is it holographic, like the movie “The Signal” where we only see the projected image”, whereas the surface is actually flat? Missler pointed out how the whole universe may be “flat”.
People want a SciFi, Star Wars/Trek future. And the terminology “Flat Earth” has been weaponized to negatively connote ignorance.
And if you’ve been paying attention, “Truth is stranger than fiction”.
All there is is Magic, whether we understand it or not is called Science. (Magic … sonoluminessence H/T SV.) Indeed, most could not explain the physics of how most things work or are possible (myself included). And of them who “could”, they’re only parroting what they’ve “learned”. Foundational to learning is preparation to unlearn what you’ve “learned”.
I perceive the key to solving the debate (outside of believing what Scripture actually says; or personal observation) of whether or not the Earth is a globe is to start with the assumption that whatever the shape, we are living in/on, it is within the greatest Science Fiction story ever imagined and the paradigm enveloping our reality is indeed stranger than the “normality” of the 40 hour work week, CNN news, bubble filtered internet searches, suburban reality tv, Starbucks plastic lined cups (“Green” for everything but you. Com’n, you’re ingesting leached plastic from hot coffee!), and “Brown is the new green” mind control “drought” schemes. Foundational is recognizing that God is the Ultimate Science Faction storyteller and you and I are the participants.
And a “Flat Earth” reality should intrigue the in-dweller as to the actual shape, function, purpose.
As soon as we realize how long we’ve lived in the photoshop realm (as soon as photos are possible technologically; they can be doctored / staged; especially when one considered we are dealing with supernatural entities) and maps can convey false reality, there’s a whole new world to be discovered, there are likely islands and continents that have been hidden from history. Earth, as it really is, awaits, the final frontier awaits. The only obstacle is the assumption that we already have the truth.

Pro 25:2
It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

Rev 5:10
And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.


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