Exo Vaticana | Re-educate | Integrate | Incorporate | Exterminate

tp-1 Geen naam ALIEN-POPE

Lenin once said: “Give me just one generation of youth and I will transform the whole world.”

The appointed time for such an all encompassing endeavor is upon us and the re-educational authority apparently delegated to the Vatican and Unesco. They, by means of spiritual and cognitive terraforming, progress to integrate all formerly opposing belief systems striving to integrate even those entities beyond earthly dimensions.

E is for education | V is for vision | O is for oneness

‘Education is an essential dimension of human dignity and the fight against exclusion and poverty,’ Pope Francis declared during his visit to Unesco early this year. Building on this mind setting ground work, last June he called for “a new vision of humanity in relation to the planet that is our home. This is a call for courage and unity, where every woman and man has opportunities and skills to contribute, especially the most marginalized, where sustainability means much than green laws and policies – it means new ways of thinking and behaving as global citizens, it means a new focus on the ocean and biodiversity. We need this vision and courage more than ever to reach a new climate change agreement this year in Paris”.

His socio-religious unification progresses rapidly. In another address Pope Francis made it a point to say that he believes that Muslims and Christians worship and pray to the “one God” that he also worships. This “all roads lead to the same God” philosophy is a hallmark of the one world religion that the global elite have been slowly building toward for decades.

On the onset of his visit to the US to address the UN General Assembly this September, his vision has extended to the premise that even creation and evolution can co-exist.

“Speaking to the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Pope said, “The Big Bang, which nowadays is positioned as the origin of the world, does not contradict the divine act of creating, but rather requires it. The evolution of nature does not contrast with the notion of Creation, because evolution presupposes the creation of beings that evolve.

We witness minds and hearts worldwide being re-programmed to believe and act upon the greatest lies ever conceptualized.

D is for discernment

Let us be responsive, use and strengthen our discernment and share our Lord’s truth, way and life through His son Jesus before they are sealed.

For further study:

Unicef alien diversity

UNICEF Chile’s recent public service announcement featured a young alien hybrid boy being introduced as the “new kid” in school. The alien hybrid child appears to be green with a speckled forehead and vary large eyes.

He is dressed like a human, and even at first glance appears to be human. A second glance however shows us that he is indeed not human and the human kids look at him with fear and disgust. He is teased, made fun of, bullied and the poor boy stares up at the ceiling of his room wondering if he will ever fit in. Eventually, the students learn to adapt and befriend the young alien boy.

Cris Putnam states on his website:

“The Vatican has positioned itself to be the religious authority if a genuine intelligent ET makes contact. For this reason, it’s quite intriguing that UNICEF has released a video laying the ground for ET integration into classrooms with human children.”

The Unicef video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lBhh…

Chris Putnam’s recent article http://www.supernaturalworldview.com/2015/09/02/is-the-vatican-laying-the-ground-for-et-integration/

Additional research links:

A presidential foreshadowing




    1. A similar pattern indeed.

      Synthesizing the so called ‘Big Bang’ theory with creationism and thus science with religion is a clever attempt to not only integrate formerly opposing scientific and religious mind sets, but also falsely undergird the prospect of a different, ‘alien’ (co-)creative entity about to re-enter our realm to re-evangelize us and reposition both themselves, humanity, the Lord and salvation in Jesus Christ. In addition, by means of this public statement, the pope is being positioned worldwide as an or even ‘the’ authority on the subject, institutionally authorized to reinterpret and override God’s Word.


  1. I will NOT have anything to do with the Catholic church. There is only one father and it is not the POPE. GOD is my father. Along with his son Yeshua.!!!

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