Trains of dark revisitation and darkening foreshadowing

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A glance at todays headlines. Shame, despair, fear and hopelessness are skillfully manipulated into a nearing crisis point and subsequent handing or taking over of power and authority into a spiraling up control grid.

Overpowered by emotions or circumstances, we often look outward and upward for a solution, though – absent the Lord – not high enough.

Neither national governments or European authorities have the wisdom, ability or authority necessary to manage, control and solve the wittingly designed and meticulously orchestrated globalizing crises such as this European migration crisis.

We are witnessing the Hegelian dialectic played out right in front of our eyes in its finalizing stages, following ever upscaling patterns.

  • Problem -> reaction -> solution
  • Thesis – > antithesis -> synthesis
  • Induced disorder/conflict/chaos -> external intervention/transfer of authority  -> upward power consolidation into fewer hands
  • polarization of reality – logical exchange – resolution

The future anti-christ (embodied antithesis of Jesus) and his global beast system must be lurking in the shadows eager to fill the final post-catastrophe vacuum and global crisis manageability gap and – by public consent – establish their desired New World Order.

Those who are unknowingly or purposefully doing their bidding, whether secular or religious, are in for a rude awakening though, Churches not exempt. The truth is that false religious or secular teachings cannot bring any earthly or spiritual utopia into being, regardless of man’s creativity and ingenuity. Only heaven brings lasting peace and happiness. The Bible makes it very clear that all things associated with this life on earth with its sufferings, its decay, its discontent, and death will continue with this physical life (2 Corinthians 4:16; Hebrews 9:27). It is also clear that all these things are completely unknown in the heavenly city (Revelation 21:3-7 and Revelation 22). They will be done away with.

Yes, hope is needed. But it is the hope of heaven we need, not the false worldly hope (John 14:1-4).

Update 21:00 CEST

Helping hands | empathic hearts and minds | intercessory prayers

In the midst of the chaos, Churches are quietly ministering to migrant families and individuals handing out food, water, and blankets through the efforts.
Pray for wisdom for those in leadership, such as church leaders in Hungary as they organize outreach ministry to families. Pray for health for stranded children and adults who are sleeping outside in the cold and rain. Pray for the presence of God to be felt and a spirit of peace to reign in the midst of the chaos.

Update 22:41 CEST

Modern day exodus | Parallel worlds | No carpooling

2BF9F26100000578-3222045-image-a-51_1441393988877 2BFA0A1600000578-3222045-image-a-78_1441386670068

Migrants march into the night: Thousands of refugees have abandoned Budapest station and started WALKING the 100 miles to the Austrian border

Update 7.58 CEST

Synthesis in progress | Crisis point politics

Viktor Orban (Prime Minister Hungary) “People in Europe are full of fear because they see that the European leaders are not able to control the situation,”

Zero Hedge:

“The refugee issue can and will not be solved by the EU, or inside the EU apparatus, at least not in the way it should. Nor will the debt issue for which Greece was merely an ‘early contestant’. The EU structure does not allow for it. Nor does it allow for meaningful change to that structure. It would be good if people start to realize that, before the unholy Union brings more disgrace and misery and death upon its own citizens and on others.”

Meanwhile EU threatens members to adapt to crisis point politics or lose grants and face legal charges

UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott: “This is gun-to-the-head politics from the EU and many of us don’t like it.”



  1. Kim Davis, a lowly County Clerk, is jailed for refusing to enforce a law that goes against her conscious ……. Barry Obama, the TOP law enforcer in the Nation, the President, is NOT in jail for REFUSING TO ENFORCE the immigration LAW of this Nation that HE says go against his conscious.

    1. Dear Albert,

      A very significant headline indeed. Thank you for sharing.

      Kim Davis’ incarceration doesn’t only go against her conscience. State law supporting her detention is absent as is the Constitution disregarded.

      Most people are not aware that a Supreme Court ruling does not constitute federal or state law. Congressional signing is required. Kentucky, where she resides, moreover does not support so called ‘gay marriage’. So in fact Kim Davis in stead of breaking the law is upholding state law and the Sheriff on duty is, by law, authorized (and in my opinion morally required) to release her from prison immediately.

      It appears, by detaining her, a tipping point blood draw is being executed within the Christian community and US society at large. If she’s not supported and constitutional, national and/or state law is not upheld, more like her are soon to follow and – de facto – a state of lawlessness has progressed beyond repair.

      The elite, publicly headed by Obama, both by omission and commission, are facilitating this process.

  2. We should be asking why are they leaving their own countries? Could it be because of Democrap policy by an illegal administration not too from despotism and tyranny.

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