Where’s Waldo? Giants among us? (edition)

Imagining – Outside The Cave | forthtell
“I seem to be living in my own novels more and more. I can’t figure out why. Am I losing touch with reality? Or is reality actually sliding toward a Phil Dickian type of atmosphere?
And if the latter, then for god’s sake why?” (p. 22).
Philip K. Dick roundup: ‘The Americans’ episode nod to novel basis for ‘Blade Runner’ |

I can find at least 2 giants in the above image by Thomas Hart Benson.
1 is laying down and arms outstretched, of which portions can be seen.
1 is a geomorphological monster

How many do giants do you see?

NASA’s EPIC mash-up game, Where’s Waldo? The Mars edition, meets Star Wars! | forthtell

Nationwide Rollout of Gigantus Infantus Cannibalus? | forthtell

Daliesque Benton, Or Bentonion Dali? | forthtell


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