Look up! Pierce through the Vatican’s dark projections and seek His face.

Vatican disclosure | Silent Movies | Frozen on the wall | Speaking volumes.

For hundreds of years, the Catholic flock has looked to the Vatican for answers. Since Martin Luther, they’ve been informed not to. Dan Brown urged a worldwide reading and viewing audience to look for what has been hidden in plain sight, specifically in paintings.

Let us pierce through the Vatican’s distortions, lies and negative projections even further and through the lens of Scripture en end times prophecy discern what and who are hidden beneath surface layers.


After reading the essay above, certain false deities will have surfaced from behind the fresco.


We may expect them to soon be unlocked from the demonic realm to manifest in ours. Prior to their expected arrival, our highly propagandized, supra-intelligent ‘space brothers’ (possibly elevated to savior status) have been overtly welcomed by the pontiff and made eligible for Catholic baptism.

vatican 2 independentuk-pope_francis_says_he_would_baptise_aliens_who_r_we_to_close_doors

Now, take a virtual walk into the Sistine Chapel, zoom in on the so-called St Lawrence figure holding a 6 step ladder, carried as if he’s about ready to go harvest fruit.

Use discernment; this is not a whichever ladder, noticeable because it has six steps and therefor holding esoteric meaning, standing either for Mercurius densities, or Scala Transmutationibus (stairs of transmutations). In alchemy the six step ladder points to the last cooking phase. It depicts a cooking ladder/gridiron to grill, not a man/woman, but an alchemical skin. Humanity may very well have reached that final stage of preparation.

As falsehood inadvertently confirms the original, the alchemical ladder functions as a false typology for spiritual ascension, mimicking the Biblical Jacob’s ladder or DNA spiral staircase structure.

The resurrection day of flesh, or the divine ethereal flesh, is the day practitioners of alchemy and occult science and witchcraft believe to remain only with the perceived noblest part of themselves, more precisely, the one they will be able to extract. Although alchemists commonly reserve this treatment to metals, that’s to say destroying a metal to take out the most noble part, or Secret Fire/Mercurius/Spirit of Life. But, as Michelangelo apparently knew very well, the remnant then needs a new flesh, or body, to host it.

See http://www.labyrinthdesigners.org/alchemy-religious-art/michelangelo-the-mumia-skin-in-last-judgement/

Upon even closer look, do you see any resemblance between St Lawrence and Prince Will I Am? Was Michelangelo, besides alchemically versed, a dark seer as well, forth telling the identity of the coming planetary alchemic transmuter or anti-christ?


pizap.com14407674316481 pizap.com14407661483741

Well, do not rest your eyes on this image too long. This revelation will progress on its own soon enough.

Lift up your eyes, blink a few times and refresh your perspective. After sorting through these counterfeits, let us seek out the original. For, even amidst and through age old religious, alchemical and highly skilled artistic distortions, our Lord and savior can show Himself to us,

in this case through this contemporary artists’ eyes.

Part 1: seeing Him in 2D

Part 2: seeing Him in 3D

Psalm 27:8 KJV

When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, LORD, will I seek.

Luke 21:28 KJV

And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

Anakypto: Strongs G352 KJV


For further study:

Pastor Charles Lawson’s (currently 14 part) teaching on CERN, the Vatican and ET

From an art history point of view: a three part study on the perspective of Michelangelo



  1. Great stuff. One thing that has been sort of oddly surprising for me to suddenly realize in this last year, was that Luciferians do indeed have their own very detailed eschatology. I don’t know why it never occurred to me before that they would almost have to, since they are looking forward to their coming “messiah”, in their inverted paradigm. I guess it’s just sort of odd now to hear you talking about things like the “final rung on the alchemical ladder”, and it actually makes a good deal of sense to me now, seeing more and more how so much of our artificial realities being constructed around us (the monetary system, Evolution, Copernicanism, etc.) apply alchemical principles to shape our minds and “prepare us” for the A/C…

    There really is nothing new under the sun….

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