Grey is the old Blue

“Blue is the world’s most favorite color. In the early days, it is regarded as the color of nobility. Why some animal are called blue when in fact their color is not blue? When an animal’s coat is described as “blue”, it usually refers to a shade of grey that takes on a bluish tint, a diluted variant of a pure black coat. This designation is used for a variety of animals, including some chicken breeds, some horse coat colors, dog coats, some rat coats, cat coats and rabbit coat colors.

Forthtell: Bluebloods. They Live!

Forthtell: Indigo Genetics

Willowsmith: wel-eye-g | hel-eye-x | forthtell

“SYNTHIA,” “The Blue Plague” and Other Beasts |

Grey | We see as through a glass darkly
Alien our seed they say,
Contradicting God who said,
He formed man from earth one day,
Breathed his soul into his head.

Their father is an absentee,
A dead beat dad they’re painting grey.
Our Father died to set men free
Conquered death and rose that day.

Their mother’s nature as revealed,
With poles they pay her adulation
Our mother, we His bride, the church,
One body, every tongue and nation.

Forthtell: Full Spectrum Analysis

RGB – Hi Def False Color | forthtell

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