Per Land & Kilns | Fiery Sight

As I galavanted through the forest, a rainbow I did see, hiding horror, locking away a dimension of death. Over and over bounded we, my sturdy steed, we three, He led me to the gate, freely we entered. Faceted brilliance, fractal perspectives I now see, darkly we see, cherished, perished, he covering fell from Thee. Yin-yang, tau, and wholeness, only He can supply to the union of eternity, come and see. Overthrown, white market, black house, darkness invades, ritual abomination sung supreme. 50 cent they say, “blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,” legalize truth, freedom enslaved. Change he said, transformation, transparency, redefined man, opaquely defined. Sight unseen, why persecuteth thou me, sight to see, we by Thee be free. Taled beadle barding, method of madness flaked snow charts of plotting, perfecting the journey, hero be, save me thou blade, eversharp haven. Twilight, Christian domain, myth be gone, esp we see, m-eye-nd be His. Hairy beast we see thee, monsanto be his name, get thee behind me, Savior true identify me. Grey invasion, abduction of love, lust invasion, light is darkened to shade dim eyes. Parted to one, verse 2 forthcoming, reeds by the water, tranquil spirit flow. Bright mind said Jill, der teetotaler bade me so, whine no more, bear with antlers so deer. Bewitched they say, she tested the veil, sight corrupted to fig.’s, calculated affinity. What do you mean my deer prince, old ways be told, low, we fold. Myth Ra calculated falsehood cultured for the befuddled masses. Towering twins, glistening for a spell, down they came, giants the fell. Searching high and low, near and far, subpar indeed, freed time we seek by the reeds of tranquility. Kronos you see, red, guiding darkness be gone, loose eyes be guarded from thee. Sad oh mass, textual prose for free spirits contained by chains hating thee. Intent be clear, distraction be far, penned in ink, written with intention. Stapled, see, live, dutiful affection lived, seen, stable. Lurking, discerning, turning, ubernatural, dim we see the Maker’s world. Verboten esoteric maze traveled by all. All there is is magic, whether we understand it or not is called Science. Psyoptic worldview revealing the concealed. No sis, Jesus came to save, not to condemn, freely give as received. Blood on your hands eclipsed, signs for the Savior. Cry out, Savior, free me! Dream, dream, sail on, direct me oh Wind from whence my love came. Fastforward in reverse, obverse, concealed-revealed, straight to hell. Hidden realms beckon, pass on, revel, pursue, time do not fail me, frailty encompassing my minds desire. The stone which the builders rejected cast not a stone at she caught betwixt the lies of men of white washed coffins as clothing you see. Old glory wave, false kingdom fade, lead to the mountain of the Monarch. Enfolded flower Pancarpium Marianum be thou not true. Do not hurt the oil wailed the King Eternal. Ever the secrets held cerebral in sleep we do drift to nether realms. Real it is, free to taste, hear and see, feel His presence near, dear, clear, tranquil river flow evenly. Remember the times of old, nothing new is found under the Son. Water, water everywhere and none to think, from Him deep do bits, torrents flow. Stranger, be not rude nor lewd, union He made thee, twain two, of whoa man and the sum of atoms – of dust He fused them, bare they walked in love through the garden. Pain, pain, amidst a world of love. Wild donkey man why do you so hate? Died rich in Him, slain fighter, rescued His people, profiting of treasure beyond, peer through and see.

Tags: poetre Sundays on Wednesday; free verse; h-url’d linkage


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