Willowsmith: wel-eye-g | hel-eye-x

Willow Smith and her Diaspora music collective release Wit A Indigo music video | Daily Mail Online


Forthtell: Indigo Genetics

willow (n.)
Old English welig “willow,” from Proto-Germanic *wel- (cognates: Old Saxon wilgia, Middle Dutch wilghe, Dutch wilg), probably from PIE *wel- (3) “to turn, roll,” with derivatives referring to curved, enclosing objects, cognate with Greek helix (see volvox). The change in form to -ow (14c.) paralleled that of bellow and fellow. The more typical Germanic word for the tree is represented by withy.

“SYNTHIA,” “The Blue Plague” and Other Beasts |

One comment

  1. The blue blooded in-crowd projected upon us until we ourselves become blue in the face? Even Morgan Freeman was there, having overcome his personal tragedy already? Or has main stream media pay-opped us again?


    Freeman AC psy-op countering deliverance ministries

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