Loaded Language: NASA disc/disk images (and the ever rewriting (backtracking) of the Earth story)

NASA backtracks …

An EPIC New View of Earth : Image of the Day


Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story stated that it has not been possible to capture images of the entire sunlit side of Earth since Apollo 17 astronauts captured the iconic Blue Marble photograph in 1972. In fact, other satellites—including Galileo, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, and geostationary weather satellites including GOES—have captured full-disc views of Earth since then.

Loaded language:

define disc – (Google)

noun: disc
a flat, thin, round object.

How hard is it to photoshop imagery of Earth?

Can you say Disney imagineering?

How hard is it to find the original 1977 Star Wars? – Boing Boing

The backstory on the disneyfication of NASA.

Fly Me To The Moon, NASA Lunacy, Fake “Real” Star Wars, And TR3B Sightings | forthtell

What if humans were projected? | forthtell

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