Is ALASKA pronouced “al-AQSA”?

“Remember now, the flood of Zeus comes into the Sacramento under the suggestion established under cover of the SUEZ CANAL (shown previously). This coincides with, and brings you right up to the edge of Saudi Arabia, and Mecca, just inland about 45 miles. This places the Hajj right at the doorstep of MECCA, or, when overlayed on the western states, MESA City which is part of PHOENIX, and the mesa pillar formations of ARIZONA. These Mesa’s are formed by volcanic lava, and the 4 Corner States are just one huge mass of volcanic formations. The symbolism of Abraham sacrificing Ishmael relates to the Cross of the 4 Corners States. Yet again, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah form the CUBE, like the Mosque at Mecca. In geographical terms, in relation to Mecca, the FURTHEST MOSQUE, fromMECCA or MESA, is once again, ALASKA, or al-AQSA.

With this in mind, have a look at the KAABA = KA life/death force ABA a sacrifice, as well as Father Come, with the 11 Western ROCK States layed over top of the HAJJ ritual around the KAABA. With a bit of colour coding, the real intent of the ritual becomes extremely evident.

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