The Shapes of Things Coming, Yellowstone, Yellowcake, & Judgment Day

How The States Got Their Shapes – Episodes, Video & Schedule –

Or are they shaped this way …

The Judgment Stone of ALLAH – of LA -Los Angeles
“Just as Yellowstone Park is the HOLY STONEon the Judgment Stone of the 11 Western States, the MORMON TEMPLE is the HOLY of HOLIES on the Judgment Stone.

Yellowcake removed from Iraq nuclear

Yellowstone National Park is the Judgment Stone in regards to the luciferian agenda. The HAJJ rituals are meant to transmute the energy and focus of these ‘mystery’ rituals from the MECCA of Saudi Arabia, to the MESA of the 11 Western States. The HAJJ rituals are meant to manipulate the natural elements that will further create the illusory reality the luciferian thinkers desire for us to experience. Today is December 30, 2008, and Yellowstone National Park is in the midst of an EARTQUAKE SWARM, beginning on the NEW MOON of the ISLAMIC CALENDAR. There have been 250 TREMORS in the last 3 days. Way beyond the normal seismic activity, even for Yellowstone. The folks tracking these tremors have no idea what’s behind this increased activity.
Today, as well, on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, a volcano has sprung to life, with minor eruptions. The first time in 3,000 years that this particular volcano has erupted. As well, on December 27, Israel began their attack on Gaza as Hamas continued to fire rockets into Israel. All this is right on cue, on time, and according to the Islamic Calendar. Incidentally, coinciding with the end of the Jewish Hanakah.

The Shape of Things to Come – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Shape of Things to Come is a work of science fiction by H. G. Wells, published in 1933, which speculates on future events from 1933 until the year 2106. In the book, a world state is established as the solution to humanity’s problems.


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