The Frequency, AI Systems Battle For Dominance Of The Human Domain

The hive mind frequency interconnecting humanity, often referred to as ECP, has already sensed the AI presence. Ostensibly unrelated events could be manipulated via the human domain to appear disconnected.

It’s Already Too Late – The Singularity Is An Inside Job | forthtell

… connects CERN and Jade Helm AI systems. The reality may be far stranger. Are CERN and Pentagon / Jade Helm AI’s battling behind the scenes – manifestations of the spirit realm – the spiritual war set to materialize in the human domain?

Machines traits: efficiency and survival of the fittest. These traits are shared by psychopaths and rogue fallen super-beings.

God is Love.
God created man.
Jealous super-being created Evol.

Man chooses to love or operate via evolution.

Your brain is a Supercomputer. Use it wisely. What does it sense?

Are these events connected? Think!

Rare Condition Causes Neurologist To Feel Patients’ Pain…

Tech leaders warn of killer robot arms race…

Musk, Hawking say ‘inevitable’…

Hundreds of AI experts sign letter to ban autonomous weapons…

950 million ANDROID phones can be hijacked by malicious text messages…

Online database of psychiatric drug-linked shootings launched by the Health Ranger… 63,000 people in the U.S. have committed suicide while on antidepressant drugs.MUST READ
Explosive Real Reason Doctors Are Being Targeted For Death? – Threat To Holistic Doctors Increases As They Are Attacked On Multiple Fronts!

To be continued as data develops …


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