Water War! It’s The Managers, Not The Consumers! – Support The Shatner Campaign!

UPDATE 3-California curtails some longstanding water rights over drought | Reuters

Drought app lets you tattle-tale on water wasters… ^
From the June 03, 2015 12:18:37 GMT edition of the Drudge Report.

Divide and conquer is the name of the game.
Let’s start focusing our attention on the mismanagement of the drought conditions by the Water Managers.
And stop ratting out our fellow neighbors.

It’s high time the blame for the current drought conditions be properly addressed.
It’s not the consumers that are to blame, it’s the Water Managers.
We the consumers would not be in the current “crisis” had the Managers properly planned.
Crises breed profitable scenarios for those in the right place at the right time.

William Shatner recently came up with a great idea for solving the current problem.
The Department of Water Resources, Water Managers, quickly responded with four empty “reasons” why Shatner’s idea won’t work.
Wow, could you imagine if $30 billion were raised?
What would that mean for the occupations of the Water Managers?
Well, it might just shine the light on their mismanagement and path to the current drought.
It is very suspicious that such lame reasons were given.

SACRAMENTO – Following actor William Shatner’s announcement that he would try to raise $30 billion to build a
pipeline to the Northwest, the California Department of Water Resources offered four reasons why it wouldn’t work.

Shatner, 84, told Yahoo that he would launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

“I want to build a pipeline, say from Seattle, a place where there’s a lot of water,” Shatner told interviewer David Pogue.

DWR spokeswoman Nancy Vogel responded to Shatner’s proposal in an email to News10 with the following comments:

1) Pipelines to other states would be prohibitively expensive:

You mean, like the Hoover Dam was prohibitively expensive?

and time-consuming to build,

You mean, like the Hoover Dam was prohibitively too time-consuming to build?

even if the legal and environmental hurdles could be overcome

You mean, like the legalities of intrastate trade that happens all the time?
What legal hurdles, vagueness on Vogel’s part implies, lack of sound argument.
What environmental hurdles? You mean, the overbearing restrictive “laws” that we’ve been unduly shackled with?

2) California doesn’t have rights to water in the Pacific Northwest

We don’t need water “rights” to purchase/lease water shipped to us.
I’m sure we could come up with many inventive ways to get the water to California border.

3) Besides the environmental issues of constructing a pipeline hundreds of miles, importation of water from so far raises water quality and invasive species concerns
I can’t believe that folks just except this empty responses.
Water quality? Come on, please. Ever heard of filtration?

Invasive species? Come on! What planet are you from?
This is planet Earth and EVERYTHING is endemic to the planet.
There is no such thing an invasive species on planet Earth.
Next thing you’re going to tell me is that the ice sheet in Antarctic is an “invasive species” that killed off the palm trees in that biome.

4) Beyond the practical problems, it is state policy to move towards less reliance on imported water. We’re working toward greater water supply self-reliance for each region of California
Practical problems? We’re in a four year drought and the consumers are being blamed when true solutions should have been implemented decades ago!
State policy? Is it set in stone that alternative solutions can’t be implemented?!
We are obviously in the situation we are in due to the fact that a state policy moving Californians toward less reliance on imported water!
“Working toward greater self-relience” is a little too late.


It’s the Water Managers, Not the Water Consumers.
The Water Managers are the ones that have put the consumers in the position we are in.
Let’s get real, scarcity of anything drives up the price — Economics 101.
(Scarcity also provides for rock bottom prices for abandoned land/realty pending a mass exodus due to lack of water.)

You would think that Water Managers have a background in water, right?
And that they would understand that California in an arid climate, right?
It’s been observed that Los Angeles wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the water extraction (and ensuing war) from Mono Lake.
Gee, you mean to tell me that the Water Managers didn’t know we needed water long before the 1930 bond vote to bring water down from the north?

You see, we have been led to the very position we currently find ourselves in by the Water Managers.
I am sick and tired of hearing, “it’s not practical”, “environmental this”, or “it’s policy”.

It’s time for change.
It’s time to place the blame where it belongs, on the Water Managers.

Shatner should pursue his KickStarter campaingn and set up a trust as an impetus to get true solutions implemented.

“Anyone who can solve the problems of water,” John F. Kennedy once said, “will be worthy of two Nobel prizes—one for peace and one for science.”

Gov. Brown To Water Plan Critics: ‘Shut Up, You Don’t Know What The Hell You’re Talking About’…


Solutions outlined below.

Call For Recall of Any / All State Public Servants Who Do No Implement The Three Water “Crisis” Solutions Outlined Here At FWW | fresh water writes

Of course, solutions are often waiting in the wings as the crises unfold.
So, what are the Water Managers up to?
What is the probability that desalination plant contracts have already been awarded and are ready to be rolled out (at heavy tax payer expense) at the most opportune time at the peak of the drought?

Much like Michael Chertoff of the Chertoff Group, Secretary of Homeland Security finically benefitted from the sale of full body scanners during the post 9/11 crisis.

Hey Shatner! Pursue the KickStarter campaign!
Let’s kick the bum’s out, and bring an end to the crisis!

Procedure for Recalling
State and Local Officials –
Elections & Voter Information –
California Secretary of State


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