Blue MARbleS, Blue Angels, & Injecting Blue Hued Synthia Vaccines

Blue MARbleS, Blue Angels, & Injecting Blue Hued Synthia Vaccines

The Night Is Coming: Was the Zombie Apocalypse Another Sociology Experiment on Americans, or Is This Symbolic of the Release of the Third Horseman?

Indigo Genetics
(“SYNTHIA,” “Big Dog” and Other Beasts

Which I just relinked to here, concerning the latest revelation of water, water everywhere, except where it’s needed most.
(The illusion of water scarcity.)

Balancing deception and lies.
What lies beneath?

The red planet with subsurface water.

Thanks to SV via SMB re Synthia Vaccines:

DARPA’s Blue Angel – Pentagon prepares millions of vaccines against future global flu
Published time: July 27, 2012 20:03
Edited time: July 28, 2012 00:03

Clinical blue blood condition called methemoglobinemia

Baghavat Kita Blue Enlightened People/Demigods – Blue Hue

Two examples of legendary blue people from all over the world

Blue People of the Cherokee Legends Link
en Link

“Cherokee talked of these blue skinned people that lived on the land before the Cherokee. It was reported that the Cherokee wiped them out Link

“Through an interview I did with Blue Otter, Cherokee Indian himself and author of Prophecy Keepers, I found out that these blue skinned people were not wiped out but lived in the caves below the surface of the earth. He told me that the Cherokee accounts tell that when they came into this land, they found many gardens but not the people that would have tended to the gardens. Later they found that these people of the gardens lived underground and came out only at night to tend the gardens.

The food was harvested and then taken back underground to the homes they had there. These people had blue skin , large eyes . The sun rays were too harsh for them on the surface so they chose to live underground away from the harsh rays of the sun and only come out at night using the light of the moon. The Cherokee called them ’the moon people’.”

The Ainu Link an indigenous people living in Japan whose skin hue is often described as blue.

Olmec Head..Could this may have been a blue skin? Instead of black as we thought???


Tuareg: the Blue People – The masters of Sahara Link 26 Jun 2007 … It is the most famous Tuareg symbol: the Tagelmust, the often blue indigo colored combination of veil and turban, up to 10-12 m (33-40 ft) …

Niger – ‘Tuareg’ the Blue Man photo – Ray photos at Link 10 Jul 2006 … The so-called “blue men”, the Tuareg, the nomads from the Sahara are veiled, not the Tuareg women. The turban and the face veil, …

Christian Aid Mission :: The Tuareg: Blue People of the Sahara Link Once they reach maturity, Tuareg men begin wearing a turban and veil, traditionally indigo colored; hence, the “blue people,” though now turbans are usually …

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