Exodus & The Non-Egyptian Pharaoh?


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The Book of Redemption: Exodus – Chuck Missler
A Non-Egyptian Pharaoh?
Much has been speculated about the specific Pharaoh in this book. Stephen gives us a clue when he notes that, “Another king arose who knew not Joseph.”3 The Greek term used was ‘eterwV, heteros, another of a different kind, not alloV, allos, another of the same kind. This Pharaoh was of a different race and dynasty. (Josephus also makes mention of this fact, who describes “the crown being come to another family.”)4 It seems that he was the Assyrian of Isaiah 52:4.
No wonder he became uncomfortable with the continuing growth of a non-Egyptian constituency in Goshen!5
The plight of Israel under the taskmasters leads to the famed Passover and the deliverance of God’s chosen people.

Moses In The Future Past | forthtell


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