Repost: Maker Of Things: Pi(e)

There’s pi in your pizza

Pi in your eye

Pi in the lie

Pi in the pyramid

Pi in the lid

Pi in Solomon’s molten sea

(Though the error is false, that which you’re told, you see.)

Google’s pi, ten significant digits

Scripture’s pi reveals 28, see to it

Pi in you, pi in me

Pi in cursive 3

Pi in Dali

Pi in golly

To bake my pie, and eat I to

So few know 3.141592

Is followed by 65359

Where’s the pi in wine?

Or the pi in a stein?

When I opine, is there pi in my whine?

Numbers surround, and pi is found

If an inverted p is a b, then pi can be found in by, bye, and buy

Hello, goodbye, until our orbits (calculated by pi) intersect again

Look for and where pi can be found

Inside, outside, within, without, pi can always be found ‘round.



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