Are You A Commotional Tripper?

Emotional Stripper by Matt Horwich | The Twisted Path Group

Feeling beautiful
Wild and free
Surfing currents within currents of limitless creativity
Strange highways through the multiverse family
The tidal wave within tidal waves of excitement
Doors of freedom and enlightenment

To fall on the grassy ground,
so great to be off, numb to all sound
Watch us take you high as we swarm around
Running with Stars, Galaxies, Super Novae
The cold dark energy of empty Space
Limitless dreams within dreams to chase
Through the wind and rain
With the breeze in my mane

To common folks I am a little insane
Artistic and Free Thinking
Shattering limits and resistance
with virtual particles blinking in and out of existence,

Artists are emotional strippers
Expressing ourselves freely,
stripping and explaining away
all the superficialness of Society’s Standards
Ideals and Ignorance…

Happiness runs free
Happiness runs colorfully
in this colorful plastic red and icy blue
Limitless inner space and uniqueness to tap into
the spirit of Love’s Grace

Dreams within dreams to chase Death
Dark, cold energy of empty Space
Relativity to Others of outer space
Everything relates and varies to some extent in the Infinite Surfing the currents within currents of limitless Creativity Worlds with Worlds…
Strange highways through dreamscapes in the Multiverse

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Be forthwarned, some material NSFW


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