DARPA Plans To Hunt Down Traffickers Using Deep Web

Memex, its new planned supercomputer, is a departure from DARPA’s usual robots and drones

. Perhaps you’ve heard of DARPA, the Department of Defense sci-fi offshoot known for its robot hummingbirds and mind-controlled artificial arms.

Earlier this week, the Virginia-based agency put out a curious announcement: It wants to find human traffickers using a specially developed supercomputer.

On its website, DARPA announced that it was “soliciting proposals for innovative research to maintain technological superiority in the area of content indexing and web search on the Internet.” The program, which DARPA is calling Memex, borrows its name from Vannevar Bush’s classic 1945 article “As We May Think.” That article envisions a world in which computers will one day be able to access the collective memories of every human on the planet.

Keep calm, carry on, it’s only a drone wave. Reap harm, tarry on. – It’s only a drone wave. No judge, No jury. Just a reaper. God help us!

6006L6, The Net, Web, & Nest | forthtell https://forthtell.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/6006l6-the-net-web-nest/


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