The 6th Is Of The Red Undeads!

“See Thou Touch Not The Oil”
Israel’s “Samson Option,” well known by Israel’s enemies, is the vow of the nation’s military leaders to bring everybody and everything down around Israel, should it be attacked by overwhelming force. Israel will use its nuclear arsenal. Ezekiel’s prophecy states that, sadly, like Samson, the immensely strong judge of Israel, the nation will be seduced into letting down its great military strength. Israel will be shorn of its nuclear force at some point. When the false-peace, diplomatic Delilahs get through, Israel will be “without bars or gates” and an “unwalled village.” The nation will be a sitting duck […] While the Middle East boils in turmoil, it is reasonable to assume that lust for the riches oil will provide the “evil thought” that enters (has entered?) Gog’s mind.

Watch the peace process and other developments in the region developing today, and know that a satanic scheme is set to unfold that will ultimately pit the mightiest forces of good against evil…

Forthtell: Redrum, Lord of the Fireflys, &
Other Reds of the Dead

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